End of the Year Classroom Management

With the end of school approaching, my students have been worse than ever at concentrating on anything for more than 18 seconds. Seeing as I teach junior high and their normal attention span is about 27 seconds, this is not a remarkable difference, but it is a noticeable one.

Motivation is lacking, both theirs and mine. I secretly threw away their last test because I didn’t have it in me to grade. My diet, which is notoriously atrocious, has been reduced to bags of popcorn and the vestiges of my classroom candy drawer. If school doesn’t end soon, there is a good chance I will die of malnutrition.

My 9th graders, who are typically leagues ahead of my 7th graders in intelligence, common sense, and sitting still-ness, have also been losing it. Last week was five days of non-stop moaning and lethargy. Finally, when I couldn’t hear one more complaint, I decided that if I had to listen to their whining, I should at least give them a real reason to be doing it.  I told them to sit down, do their work silently, and listen to the music I was going to play. I then embarked on a quest to find the most ear-curdling videos the internet could provide.

I started off mildly,

Before getting into the truly excruciating ones.

And we finished it off with my go-to video, which they have learned to hate more than sin this school year.

They’re going to miss me.

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