Girls Gone Oscar Wilde

A couple of months ago, my mission friend Liesl and I decided to start a two person book club which was to be called “Girls Gone Oscar Wilde.” Naming it was about as far as we got. Most of the times we’d get together, we ended up gossiping about mission people and watching YouTube videos of white people rapping.

A few weeks ago, Liesl texted me and proposed that we change our reading club to a writing club. Both of us enjoy writing things (blog posts, research papers, to-do lists, curse words on bathroom stalls) and want to get better at it, yet never really seem to make time for it. Using skills we learned from Preach My Gospel, we set goals and made plans to help ourselves actually start writing. Well, in reality, Liesl set goals while I laid on the floor and told her about this blog I read once about Snuggies. This is why Liesl is a successful adult human being but I still iron my clothing with a hair straightener.

One of her goals was to write something every day and send it to me to read. Now I get to read a funny story about her before I go to sleep at night. Liesl really gets nothing out of the arrangement because I’m not responsible enough to feed myself dinner most days so I’m definitely not responsible enough to set a daily writing goal and actually keep it. I don’t think she’s figured out that she’s getting the bum end of this deal, but I’m going to keep going with it for as long as I can.

But, Liesl did inspire me to try to start writing more frequently. I’m currently working on a gory story about oral surgery and a list of all the jobs I’ve had (potentially even less exciting than it sounds). So, there’s that to look forward to.

Now we need to start brainstorming a new name for the group. The Write Brothers? Sneeze and Kafka? Of Mice and Milne? The Grapes of Plath? We’re open to suggestions.

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5 Responses to Girls Gone Oscar Wilde

  1. Gabriel Meyr says:

    Okay but actually I want to be in this group.


  2. Gabriel Meyr says:

    Wait but actually I want to be in your group


  3. K.davvi says:

    Hair straightener?! Your writing makes me happy!


  4. Sierra says:

    This is going to reveal that how completely I’ve begun to stalk you. (Stalking in this case means reading all of your posts.) Please tell me you’re talking about the blog “it just gets stranger.” That’s the blog that I used to read in the library and get strange looks because I’m snorting to myself quietly.


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