Just when I thought I was done with transfers…

January 28, 2013

…I got transfered for the last week of my mission.
You know how Hna B hurt her knee and has been trying to figure out what needs to be done with it?  This week the doctors decided that she would probably need to go home for surgery. We got a call from President on Saturday morning that went exactly like this: “Sister B. You are going home Monday at 4:30. be at the mission home at 2:30. Bye.” So, by the time you read this email, Sister B will be back in Utah.
At first, President told me that Sister H, a visa waiter serving in a trio in Anaheim, would come here with me for the last week, but last night the APs called and said that I was actually just going to be in a trio with Hna B and her companion, Hna M, and we would cover both areas for this last week of the transfer. Crazy, right? I can’t believe that I’m getting a new companion and new area for the last week of my mission.
The rest of the week was pretty crazy, too. I keep waiting for things to settle down this transfer, but they don’t. Tuesday was the Sisters’ Meeting, which is always fun.
Wednesday, we went to go visit L, the wife of J1’s friend, H, who just got baptized in the elders’ area (H, not L). She hates the elders so H and the elders thought she might be willing to listen if sisters visited her. She wasn’t. She yelled at us and said we are bad people because we don’t love Jesus because we don’t love Maria, and how can you love Jesus if you don’t love His mother and told us to get out of her house. It was pretty intense. On the upside, Leticia’s mom offered us pizza and soda as her daughter was kicking us out. We also spent a while making a Liahona pinata for the ward party on Friday.
Thursday and Friday I was on exchanges in Anaheim with Hna L. It was so great. We taught some really great people, including this deaf lady who taught herself how to talk. It was really fun and really hard to figure out what she was saying but also really fun. I also got to see my favorite member from that ward, which was a plus.
At our dinner appointment on Friday, after a couple of glasses of whatever it was that we were drinking, I asked the member what exactly it was that we were drinking. She said it was te verde and told us how she makes it just like the chinitos do and how she hand picks each tea leaf. Hna L spent the rest of the night feeling very, very guilty for breaking the Word of Wisdom as a missionary.
We switched back just before the ward party, which almost no one came to. Kind of sad. But the pinata was great. I’ll show you pictures of it someday.
Saturday we spent a lot of time packing,  but we also able to teach a few really good lessons.
Sunday, after church we went to the dinner at Bishop V (from GG)’s parents’ (who are in SA 10) house for dinner and the V’s came over for dinner to say goodbye. It was nice. It as great seeing them again and getting updates on everyone from Garden Grove. We also went and taught J1, and S was there and he didn’t ignore us. We set an appointment with him for Wednesday, so pray that it doesn’t fall through and that it goes well.
There’s an exhaustive summary of my week. I love you. I can’t believe I’ll see you in a week. I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of the craziest weeks of my mission. This has been the fastest 18 months of my life.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Poulson
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