Semana de Milagros‏

December 10, 2012


I hope I will have enough time to finish this email. This week was really good and busy and I feel like I’m going to have a lot to say.
Tuesday I went to a meeting with a bunch of other missionaries at the mission home. It was good. I love just learning from President Bowen. He’s awesome. I felt like I learned so much. As I wind down my mission, there are so many things I wish I had known earlier, but I guess that’s just how growth goes.
J is on fire with missionary work and keeps introducing us to more friends. We’ve talked to a lot of them before because we’ve talked to almost every single person on that street, but now that J is introducing them, they are listening. We taught J about temple and family history this week and he’s really excited to learn how to do it, so we’re going to go to the Family History Center with him this week.


We made progress with F this week. We were teaching J and we said something about how it is hard when people avoid us but it’s okay because we just go and find other people. F walked in just as we said that (and he’s been kind of avoiding us) so he went into his room and came back a minute later with his Book of Mormon and said, “Okay!” He had a lot of good questions.


The real miracle came when he came to church on Sunday. S, J, F, and their friend J2 all came! We were so happy. We didn’t expect F to come. The ward was so good and friendly and they all loved it. They participated in all of the classes. Before Sunday School, F was joking with J2 and said, “The sisters can help you so you get baptized next week.” We told him that we could help him, F, get baptized, too. F said, “I don’t know. Not next week. It’s too soon.” Which is actually really great because we hadn’t really been working with F becuase he was really, really closed off to baptism and coming to church, but then he came without a lot of nagging from us and made it sound like he would be open to baptism, just not next week. So, we’ll see how things go this week.


I went on exchanges with the Tustin Meadows sisters on Saturday. They covers part of Santa Ana so I got to live out my mission dream of tracting in Santa Ana. It’s like Mexico down there! I LOVE it! No Spanish sisters get to serve, only elders, but these English sisters do. Not fair. I kind of made Sister H spend the day in Santa Ana talking to Mexicans. One of the best days of my mission. It was beautiful. Not an English sign to be found anywhere. We found one a couple of English-speaking younger people for the sister to teach, though, so I don’t feel too bad. I’d give anything to serve in Santa Ana. I thought Anaheim had a lot of Mexicans. I didn’t even know.
We taught S yesterday night. Our appointment on that street fell through so we stopped by unexpectedly to see if S was at J’s house and if we could set an appointment with him for this week. J was sitting at the table with a gallon of orange juice and his little glass of juice. S was sitting across from him with a large bottle of beer and his glass of beer. We sat down and J said, “I have a question. Is this bad?,” pointing to S’s beer. I asked him what he thought. He said, “Yes, I think it is bad.”


“Why?” I asked him.


“Because God told me.”


So, we taught the Word of Wisdom and I asked S to pour out all his alcohol and he did! It was so awesome. J gave me a high five. He makes me laugh. I love these guys so much.


Thanks for your emails and support. I love you!


Con amor,



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