“And thank you for protecting us now and through the ages…”

December 3, 2012


…That’s a quote from a prayer by a 14 year old boy I taught this week. More to follow.


This week wasn’t particularly interesting, but it was good. It started off with Hna B hurting her knee on Monday while playing soccer with the zone. Thank goodness I hate athletics and never participate in sports when I can help it, so I am pretty much out of risk of injury. She couldn’t walk so the zone leaders told us to take her to Bowens, which was good because we had planned on going there anyway that night to help Sister Bowen set up her Christmas tree. Sister B ended up directing us from the couch and telling us where the tree looked bare and needed more ornaments. I think I am just going to move in the with Bowens after my mission. They are so fun.


Tuesday morning Sister B still couldn’t walk so we took her to Urgent Care and waited there all morning. They told her to go to an orthopedic specialist. We spend the rest of the day doing studies until the evening. We had another sister from another trio come and stay with Sister B while Sister L and I went to our appointments that night.


Wednesday I was on exchanges in Anaheim with Sister S, just like the good ol’ days. She’s also in a trio (I don’t remember if I told you this before, but we have a lot of people in the mission here waiting for visas to Spain, so there are a lot of trios right now. We’re the only trio that’s not waiting for a visa) so there were 4 missionaries here in Orange and then the 2 of us in Anaheim. Sister S and I had so much fun. It was one of the best days of my mission. I can’t even describe why it was so great; it just was. I love Sister S. They are teaching a family that has 4 teenage kids (PS they had to drop G and he started going to his old church. Sad). Right now, only the 14 year old son is planning to get baptized. the other family members are taking a bit more time. The 14 year old, J, said both the opening and closing prayers. They were so funny. Other favorite lines included, “Thanks for providing for us from the day of our birth,” and my favorite, “Thanks for helping me know that there is a really good chance that the Book of Mormon is true.” I also got to see Hno. G, the Ward Mission Leader, and a couple of his kids. They were one of my favorite families in the ward, so it was good to see them again.


On Thursday, we stayed in for most of the day because of Sister B’s knee, but went out in the evening for an appointment with J and S. J decided to make us chilaquiles and fed us SO MUCH. S brought pictures of his wife and daughters in Puebla to show to us. He also gave us their information so we can send missionaries to them there! We had a really good lesson. J is so good in lessons with S. S has a lot of potential and we love teaching him, but he doesn’t have a phone number which makes things really hard because we can’t ever get a hold of him or confirm appointments or anything. Our best bet is to stop by his apartment which is 25 minutes away from out apartment and hope that he is home.


Friday we had an appointment with J and one of the counselors in the bishopric. It was awesome. The member was so great. The other night, J was trying to explain the priesthood to S and we realized that he really didn’t have a good handle on what it really was, so it was good to have Hno. V there to explain it better than we could. Hopefully everything’s all cleared up in his mind now.


Saturday we didn’t have a dinner appointment so we went out for fish tacos. We went and picked up a member, a 16 year old girl (we are taking more Young Women out with us now, like the elders take out priests, because they can go on missions so much younger) to come to a couple of appointments with us. They all fell through. We were supposed to have an appointment with S and J’s apartment, but S never came. So we read in the Book of Mormon with J and then he fed us 900 pounds of tacos. We tried to explain that we had JUST eaten, but he didn’t buy it (He asked what we has eaten and my companion said tacos. J said “Tacos de que?,” and she responded “Pecado,” (sin) when she meant to say “pescado” (fish)). No one here believes you when you say you are full.


Yesterday J got confirmed. He was late to Sacrament Meeting and the three of us were really anxious, but finally he came and they confirmed him after the sacrament. So, J’s legit fully baptized now! We went and watched the First Presidency devotional in Spanish at the stake center. I didn’t get to go last year, so I was really happy to go this year.


So, that was our week. I love you. I miss you. Don’t forget to write me!





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