“And also bless the most wonderful in the world, Jesslyn, on her missionary mission.”

November 26, 2012


That wins for best line I received in email this week. I can’t wait to come back and play with Madeline. She’s so funny.


First news of the week…J GOT BAPTIZED! And he’s so solid, too, which is the best part. We’ve introduced him to about the entire ward and they’ve really taken him in. He was so happy yesterday. It was wonderful. He just kept telling me how he’d never been so happy or so at peace before. It was a really good baptismal service, too. Ah, all of it was so good.


J went to visit some family in San Fernando for Thanksgiving and told them about his baptism. They were kind of upset and told him he was making a mistake. He told them that he was going to bring them all a copy of the Book of Mormon and talk to them about it and then they would understand. He’s also excited to start working on family history to prepare some names of deceased family members to take to the temple. He’s so great.


We taught another one of J’s friends this week, S. J is on fire with missionary work. We asked S to be baptized and he said yes because he felt “un calor en su pecho.” He seems pretty solid. And he’s almost as funny as J, so that’s good, too.


A counselor in the mission presidency invited us over for Thanksgiving so we had a real Thanksgiving dinner. It was really good. They are a really nice family and we had a lot of fun.


We spent Thanksgiving night tracting. A lot of Mexicans here do “celebrate” Thanksgiving because they’re in America, but it’s mostly just having a big family dinner that starts at like 7 or 8 or 9. So, we found a lot of people at home, but they were all in the middle of loud parties. Still, we were able to find a couple of new people.


Saturday I went on exchanges in Garden Grove, but in English. I loved smelling Garden Grove again. I didn’t realize it had a smell until I went back and smelled it again. Don’t worry; it’s a good smell. It was weird being there and going to all the white areas we had avoided. Our dinner appointment took us out for Mexican food. My one day out of Spanish and we go out for Mexican food. Good thing I like it.


That’s mostly it. I love you all so much. Happy Thanksgiving!


Con amor,



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