I Sleep On Top of Mount Everest

November 19, 2012

Oh, man. One week in and I can already tell this is going to be the craziest transfer of my mission. I’m not even sure how to describe it all, but it was nuts and there’s only more nuts-ness coming.

Now that we are in a trio, we have bunk beds. I’m on the top bunk. It’s like climbing a mountain trying to get up there and like skydiving trying to jump off. If I make it through the transfer without any major injuries, it will be through help from on high.
For real this time, we think Jorge is going to get baptized this week. He was hesitant about setting a date because he wasn’t sure he would be ready, so I told him that Hermana L’s birthday was next Monday so he should get baptized on Sunday. He said yes, and now he’s really excited about it.
The ward talent show was this week. Hna L and I solved Rubik’s cubes. Not many Mexicans know what a Rubik’s cube is so it was a little confusing at first, but it turned out pretty well. Hna L is way faster than I am so I was whispering to her the whole time, “Slow down. Slow DOWN!” My hands were shaking so much at first that I could hardly turn the sides, but we finished at exactly the same time.
J thought there was going to be karaoke at the party and was sad when he found out that there wasn’t going to be. The stake President, Presidente A, was going to play in the talent show, and offered to let Jorge sing while Presidente played the guitar. Then J and the friend he brought, Saml, both sang with Presidente A. We had to leave before they sang, but we heard it was quite the show. J was so happy and now Presidente A is going to baptize him. It was also awesome that J brought his friend to the activity. We had met his friend on the street before and set an appointment, but he wasn’t there when we went back and his phone number had been disconnected. His friend had wanted to meet with us, but didn’t know our number or how to contact us once his phone was reconnected, but then we met again at the talent show and hopefully we can start teaching him. J is a great missionary.
A few weeks ago, J kind of forced a guy, F who lives in the same apartment as him to listen to us. The first couple of lessons went pretty well, but we taught him again on Saturday and it was kind of a disaster. We taught about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Turns out he was raised a Seventh-Day Adventist but hasn’t been to church in years. Whenever we said something about Sunday being the Sabbath, he would correct us and say it was Saturday. When we invited him to come to church on Sunday, he said he’d only go to ours if we went to his. We told him we couldn’t and I tried to explain that it wasn’t because it was bad to visit another church, but because as missionaries, we have a specific purpose and we have certain things we need to be doing with our time. He was really upset that we said no and the whole lesson went out the window after that. So, we probably won’t be teaching F anymore.
Sister B is great. She’s from Sandy, UT, and is a really good missionary. It’s going to be a great transfer. Insane, but great.
Quote of the week, from O S: “If you have any complaints…take them to the Catholic Church. They have so many complaints.” I think it’s probably a lot funnier in O S’s voice.
I love you so much. Have a great Thanksgiving. One of the members of the mission presidency invited us over for dinner, so this Thanksgiving will probably be completely different from last Thanksgiving when we ate rice and toast while trying to ignore “Mi sueno es bailar” playing on the TV.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Poulson
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One Response to I Sleep On Top of Mount Everest

  1. Tenna Herman says:

    I love reading your posts! You are an awesome missionary and an awesome person.


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