I am trying to think of a Nacho Libre quote to title this email, but I think I’ve used them all.

November 12, 2012

Hello, family!

So, I’m halfway through Exodus in La Santa Biblia. I think the scriptures are easier to understand in Spanish because they aren’t as full of antiquated language. Except for all the weird vocab they throw in there that Spanish speakers probably don’t know, either. Reading the Bible has made me see that I know nothing about the House of Israel. I can’t keep all those tribes straight.
Last P-day we went to one of those gyms that is full of trampolines. It was awesome. There was also a big foam pit that you could jump into from the trampolines. Best zone activity ever. Except that I rolled my ankle. Sister L was trying to teach me how to do a backflip. Turns out I can’t.
Elder Kopischke of the Seventy came for zone conference. It was good. He’s German and funny. He talked about just about everything, so I don’t even know what higlights to give you.
We got pulled over this week…without our car. This one street that we always go to never has any parking so we have to park at a grocery store a few blocks away and walk. We usually jay-walk because it’s way out of the way to go to the crosswalk. So, we got pulled over for jay-walking. The police officer called us idiots. He could have just told us not to do it again and then left. He didn’t have to make it personal. I felt really guilty for the rest of the week. Hna L just thought it was funny.
J was supposed to get baptized yesterday, but he told us he didn’t feel ready yet. We told him to pray about getting baptized next Sunday, and he said he would pray about it and tell us on Sunday. Then he didn’t come to church. It was kind of devastating. So, hopefully this week we can figure out what’s going on.
Transfers were today. We’re staying in Santa Ana 10. Another sister is going to join us and we’ll be a trio. I think her name is Hna B. There’s going to be 11 missionaries in this ward this transfer. Nuts, right?
Today at Target in the dollar section, we found Christmas Rubix cubes. Well, actually only one. And half of the stickers were ripped off of it. So, if you find one at Target, you should get it for me.
A few weeks ago, a member gave us gift cards to this Mexican restaurant. We were near it today and decided to go to lunch. We were about to go in when we realized we left something in the car and turned around. A man came out of the restaurant after us and told us that his boss wanted to buy us lunch. We went in and there was a huge group of men that all worked at the same law firm. All of them were Mormon but two. One of the ones that wasn’t is from Boulder. So, they bought us lunch and told us to baptize the guy from Boulder. They were really nice.
This week was so crazy. I can’t even describe it all. It would just sound lame in writing. I can’t believe that today is the first day of my second to last transfer.
I love you.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Poulson
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