“Mis Corazones”

October 29, 2012

I only got 2 emails this week. I am trying not to cry, but I can’t guarantee I will succeed.

Lots of really important news this week. Starting with the most important: I learned how to solve a Rubix cube. Hna L is a Rubix cube machine and after a whole lot of bugging, she finally agreed to teach me. I was so proud of myself when I solved it by myself for the first time, but then I repented of my pride.

We found this new investigator this week named S. I’m not sure how interested he really is, but he likes to talk a LOT and tell us stories, like about the time he worked at a hotel in LA and was the person that did room service for Elizabeth Taylor and how she was drunk all the time. There’s a line in Preach My Gospel from Elder Holland about how if you listen intently to people, something in what they say will always highlight a gospel truth of which you can testify. I admit, I couldn’t think of how to tie that one back into the message of the Restoration.

We taught J a few more times this week. Then he didn’t come to church…again. We called him at 10 am and he said he was just leaving San Fernando. We told him he could come late, and he said he’d probably get there around 12:15, so we didn’t go to Sunday School so we could wait for him and be there when he showed up. Then the bishop got mad at us for skipping class. And J still didn’t show up.

Besides not coming to church, J’s biggest stumbling block right now is the Sabbath Day. Not that he has a problem with it as a commandment. He thinks it is the most important of all the Ten Commandments. BUT, he doesn’t accept that the Sabbath is on Sunday, not Saturday. I think he’s expecting us to show him a scripture that says, “And from this day forward shall the Sabbath be on Sunday, thus saith the Lord.” We haven’t found that one yet. Probably because it doesn’t exist. We’ve tried a lot of different things, but none of them are really working. So, we’re kind of stuck with J right now. Wish us luck.

Other things that happened this week: After the temple, we went to a park and fed ducks (tortillas, not bread, because we’re Spanish speaking). The elders caught turtles and raced them against each other.

We were walking down the street the other night when a lady came running after us and asked, “Are you Mormons?!” She was in luck because, it turns out, we are Mormons. She said she was meeting with missionaries a few years ago but moved and lost contact with them. She loved the church and was going pretty regularly. We taught her a few times this week, but when we went on Saturday, she told us she was moving to Long Beach really suddenly. She told us her whole life story, which was INSANE. So, we’re going to pass her to the missionaries there and hopefully all goes well for her.

There is a an excommunicated lady in our area who is getting ready to be re-baptized. She is one of the sweetest people of all time. We were supposed to have dinner with her on Saturday but she wasn’t there. While we were waiting at the door, her non-member husband came up and told us that an ambulance had taken her to the hospital earlier in the day because she was in intense pain in her kidneys. They don’t really know what’s wrong with her. But, while she was in the hospital, she was really worried about not being there to feed us so she sent her husband home to make food to give us.

If I were in the hospital writhing in pain, I think the sister missionaries lunch would be low on my list of priorities, but that’s why she’s a better person than I am. We went and visited her yesterday. It was sad to see her laying there in pain, but she was so happy we came. Her husband’s boss won’t let him get work off, so she’d just been in the hospital alone all day. We called the Relief Society President to see if some sisters could come visit her throughout the day and I hope that people go so she’s not there alone.

Funny story of the week: I was texting the other sisters the other day to tell them about our dinner appointment the next day. We’ve gotten in the habit of calling each other “mi nina” or “mi corazon” or “mi hija” because there are a few ladies in the ward that always call us those things. So, I texted them and said, “4pm, mis ninas, mis corazones.” As it was sending, I realized that it was sending to the elders of Santa Ana 5, not the sisters of Santa Ana 10. I quickly texted them that that message was supposed to go to the sisters, but it was still pretty funny. And embarrassing.

Anyone know who Elder Clayton from the Seventy is? Apparently he used to be the bishop of this ward.

That’s about all for the week. I love you!


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