“Mira. Es porque las hermanas no te han ensenado la importancia del bautiso en tu salvacion.”

November 5, 2012

Most exciting news of the week : J came to church! We drove to his house at 10:30 and he followed us there. We walked into the chapel and the first people he met were the bishop and the stake president. The ward was really nice to him and we didn’t even have to coax that many people to talk to him. He loved it and we were really happy. So, technically he can get baptized next Sunday, but we’ll see this week if he’s really ready.
J also forced one of the people that lives in the same apartment as him to listen to us. The man, F, didn’t seem too happy about it when we set the appointment but he was actually pretty good when we went back to teach him. He’s from northern Guatemala and he was impressed that I knew what Tikal was (thanks, Maren). When we invited him to be baptized, he said no because he was a little unsure. J told him, “That’s just because the hermanas haven’t taught you yet the importance of baptism to your salvation.” Maybe it’s funnier in Spanish. So, we’ll see what happens there.
We also taught this guy named S. Maybe I talked about him last week. He’s a little crazy but really funny. He always grabs Hna L’s head and shakes it. We haven’t quite figured out why yet. We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and it actually went really well. He said, “Why hasn’t anyone taught me this before? Why have I never heard this?”

It was really refreshing because he seemed to “get it” more than a lot of people do. So many people say, “Everything from God is good. All churches are the same.” Or when we teach the Plan of Salvation, they say, “This is the same thing they teach in the Catholic church.” S told us, though, “I really need to find out if this book is true or not, don’t I? It all depends on that, doesn’t it? Then I can know if this is the true church.” He doesn’t seem all that committed to coming to church, though, so we’ll see what happens there.
We had the Sisters’ Meeting this week. President and Sister Bowen taught and pretty much told us all the things they learned at their mission presidents’ seminar last week. All the missions in North America are going to grow to 250 missionaries. In the next 3 months, our mission is going from 20 to 60+ sisters. I might be here still to catch the beginning of it.

The Seventy at the seminar said that if by June mission applications keep coming in at the rate they are now, missionaries won’t go to the MTC, just straight to the field. I’m secretly glad I got out before they made all those changes. I guess it’s not all that secret.
On Halloween, President wanted all the sisters in their apartments before dark. I didn’t really want to be sitting in our apartment all night, so I asked President if we could come hand out candy at the mission home because he and Sister Bowen were going to be at a meeting all night. So, that’s what we did.

Things I learned: In California, it is acceptable for fully grown adults (I’m talking, like, in their 40s) to go trick-or-treating without children.
Other exciting things: I finished the BOM in Spanish a week or so ago. I started it, like, my 5th or 6th transfer. When Sister R finished El Libro de Mormon, she closed the book and said, “Now I’m fluent.” So, I guess that means I am, too. As I read it, I colored all the verb conjugations. It is an incredibly addictive game. I was so sad that I finished the BOM and couldn’t do it anymore, that I went and bought a Santa Biblia. I started it a couple of days ago and I’m halfway through Genesis. Before my mission, I thought I would never read the Old Testament. Now, I’m not only reading it, I’m doing it in Spanish. Who would have thought? (Also, Daniel, there are WAY more future subjunctives in the OT than in the Bible. But you probably already knew that).
We have zone conference this week and Elder Kopichsnighmfshd of the Seventy is coming. No one actually knows what his name is. Transfer calls are this week. No matter how much I tell myself not to be nervous, I still am.
I love you!

Con amor,


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