“Your face doesn’t look all the way like a man. Just if you were bald.”

October 23, 2012

“We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today. Our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever. Although we may settle for less, Heavenly Father won’t, for He sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of transformation. It takes us as men and women of the earth adn refines us into mena dn women for the eternities.” – Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin


Best Sister L quote of the week: “Your face doesn’t look all the way like a man. Just if you were bald.”

She was talking to me.


Another good one, by the bishop’s 6 year old daughter (she always give “Spanish lessons” to Hna L when she sees her): “You’re really close. You just need to get the English out of your throat.”


J didn’t come to church again this week. SO SAD. Getting people to church is the hardest thing. If he doesn’t come the next 2 weeks, he won’t make his baptismal date. He said he was sick again, and he legit sounded sick, but it’s rather suspicious that he is only sick on Sunday mornings. I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.


Besides that, he seems to be progressing well. He asks really good questions and is really attentive and eager to learn. The other day, he asked us, “What is it like in the gospel? What do I need to do to get what you girls have, that peace and joy that are always with you?” He also asked us if we believed in a God of wrath, and I wasn’t sure how to answer that one. He seems to be pretty good with whatever we say, though, so that’s good.


We got to go do service for the B’s this week. That’s always the best, just being at the mission home with President and Sister B. I love them so much, nigh unto idol worship. Not quite there yet, but close.


We’ve been teaching these 2 sisters, P and E, but they won’t come to church and I think they are avoiding us a little. That’s really sad because we really like them and they were making really good progress for a while, but now not so much. We’re probably going to drop them this week.


We had like 20 lessons fall through this week. Setting appointments does almost no good because people rarely keep them. But then you just get to go talk to other people on the street which is fun and you can find a lot of people that way.


We ran into this former on the street this week. I had happened to be on the exchanges here several months ago when he was dropped so I’d met him before. He is really funny. He’s like 25 and kind of crazy. I wish I could have videotaped the conversation we had with him and send it to you.


Last night, we found a less active, L, that the sisters here had been teaching several months ago. He was baptized in Mexico when he was 13 and stopped going when he was 14. He’s not even on the ward records. The sisters ran into him while knocking doors. Anyway, we stopped by last night and as we were talking to him, his apartment manager came and joined the conversation. L ended up teaching like half of the first lesson to the manager and we just stood there. He even had the second Article of Faith memorized and recited it. For not having been to church in 40 years, he sure remembers a lot.


We are going to the temple today. That’s always a good thing. I love you. Ya lublu tebya.


Con amor,


Jesslyn Ann

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