Chinelos de Morelos‏

September 10, 2012

This week was good, mostly because I ate pupusas 3 times.

We met an environmentalist Mexican. Those have got to be rare. He told us that the calamities that have befallen mankind are not from the hand of God, but because we are killing the planet.

A lady in our ward had us come to her daughter’s mission homecoming. It was horrible. I started freaking out, thinking about how I only have 5 months left and I have to be absolutely perfect in that time because it is so limited and once I’m done with my mission, that’s it. It’s done. It’s over. Mom, please do not throw me a party the day I get home and definitely do not invite the missionaries. On the plus side, I got pupusas.

We taught a few good first lessons this week, and hopefully the people will be there when we go back the second time.

Saturday was Dia de Hispanidad! It is a big stake party that they have every year celebrating all Latin American countries. And, I ate pupusas, so it was good. We actually had a few less-actives come and they brought friends. Our investigators were all working. Missionaries work would be a lot easier if everyone were unemployed. We’d have no problem getting appointments or finding members to come with us.

Anyway, Dia de Hispanidad was awesome. I got to see all my Garden Grove people and it made me a little homesick for them. In the evening, they had performances from all the wards, and that was really fun. We left before it finished so we could actually go do real missionary work, but we heard that they have knife throwing with machetes after we left. I’m so coming back next year for this.

We went to go find a former this week, and we asked her if the first missionaries had given her a Book of Mormon. She said “No. But you have beautiful hands.” And proceeded to stroke my hand for the rest of the conversation. It made me think of the time when one of my companions told me that my best feature was my nail beds. That’s kind of sad.

We also met another former that we invited to church. He said “Sure. Why not? I go say ‘hi’ to God, okay.” It made me laugh. He wanted to go to the English ward, though, but then we found out that the English ward had stake conference yesterday, so I’m kind of hoping he didn’t actually go to church because no one would have been there.

A drunk man came up to us the other night on the street and asked how God felt about his drinking. We talked to him for a bit and then told him we would come back and answer his question on Tuesday, but he couldn’t drink before we came. He said okay. As we were driving away, we saw him riding a bike and almost get hit by a car. So, let’s hope he’s still alive on Tuesday.

We also taught G yesterday. That man will be the death of me. But we love him. He’s my Mexican grandpa.

So, that was the week. I love you!

Con amor,


P.S. We get as close to Disneyland as you can get without being in Disneyland. We are going to go take pictures at the entrance today, for kicks. And also maybe Angel Stadium because they are both in our ward.

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