“We’ve gotten a lot of technology from the Space Program. Cell phones…Foil…”

Hello, Family! (Ha, I just re-read that and saw that I had left off the “o” of “hello”. Glad I caught that one.)
We did a lot of dropping this week. Some of it was us doing the dropping and others were us being dropped. All the same, it’s good to clean out the teaching pool sometimes and start afresh, as painful as that can be at times.
We had another earthquake this week. It was after District Meeting and we were eating lunch as a zone. Then there was an earthquake but no one in the restaurant besides us really seemed to care. It was a decent size, too. I guess we’re still not accustomed to all this shaking business that goes on here.
We celebrated our one year mark on Friday. That was crazy. A year ago I was a lost little missionary that couldn’t speak Spanish. Now I am a lost older missionary that speaks slightly more Spanish.
The less-active teenage girls we are teaching all read in the Book of Mormon every day last week. Small miracle. And by small, I mean, really, really big miracle.
We taught a referral that we got this week. When we showed up to her house, she said that she is going to Mexico soon to work out some things with her visa and is really nervous. She was talking to a man at her work about it and asked him to pray for her, and he said he could send over two people from his church to bless her. So, we got the referral from church headquarters and went over, not knowing that what she was expecting was getting blessed by some priests, and not two white girls to teach her about the Book of Mormon. So, we were a little thrown off. But, we just said a prayer with her and then talked about the Book of Mormon. She actually turned out being really interested and was anxious to learn more. The whole lesson, her 3 year old daughter was squirting hand sanitizer into our palms. As soon as we would rub it in, she would give us more. By the end of the lesson, we were so sanitized, we could have done surgery. We smelled like strawberry soap for the next 2 days.
We thought we dropped an investigator this week, F, mostly because he was not answering our calls, and his girlfriend’s daughter (a member) told us she was pretty sure he was avoiding us. But then he showed up to church. And then later to a baptism. And then last night to a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening). So, I guess we’re still in business with him.
I led the music for Sacrament Meeting this week and was on the stand, and got to watch G, one of our investigators, try to stay awake during the meeting. It was really funny watching his head bob and roll. We were banking on him having an extra special church experience this week because he was fasting to know if he should get baptized. But, I can’t blame the poor man. It’s his first attempt at fasting; I’d probably be falling asleep, too.
We taught a crazy lesson yesterday to a guy we met on the streets a few weeks ago. We stopped by his house, and he was actually there this time. He jumped up off the floor, turned off the TV and was really excited to have us there. But then he proceeded to spend most of the lesson asking us questions like “Were there dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden?” and “Were Adam and Eve cavemen?”. We managed to teach him a little about the Book of Mormon, but hopefully we’ll be able to find an awesome member to go with us tonight when we teach him again. Also, he has 2 of the most adorable children I have ever met.
Last night we did a combined FHE with G and his friend; F, his girlfriend, and her daughter; the elders’ investigator; and 3 hermanos from the ward. There were 15 of us in all. It ended with one of the hermanos telling all the non-members that today is the day they need to read and pray about the Book of Mormon – don’t put it off any longer. Then another hermano said that we never know when we are going to die and so we all need to get baptized now. It was kind of insane. But, it worked out well for the elders, because later that night, their investigator said she had been thinking and decided she shouldn’t put off baptism any longer. We decided we need to do it again next week, but then it will be our turn for an investigator to decide to get baptized.
So, that was the week. This weekend is Dia de Hispanidad, a HUGE stake activity celebrating food and culture from all of South and Central America. I am so excited. Lots of food, and people dressed up, and dancing, plus all my people from Garden Grove. I can’t wait. And we have some investigators who have committed to go. It’s going to be great.
I love you! Thanks for the letters and the love and the support.
Con amor,
PS – Quotes of the week:
“When there is negativity in your house, the plants [slurp] suck it up.” – G, telling us about the Japanese flower he just bought for his apartment
“We’ve gotten a lot of technology from the Space Program. Cell phones…foil…” – Hermana Breitenstein describing why she was sad the Space Program got discontinued. Those were the only things she could name.
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