Soy Mariposa

August 13, 2012
Quotes of the week:
(At a street contact) Person: Como se llama?
Me: Hermana Poulson.
Person: Mariposa?
*She was from Brazil and spoke the craziest Spanish I’ve ever heard. We had just gotten done teaching her husband an awesome lesson 1 on the street (and we had met him before, so were so excited that we found him again and could teach him) then she came and interrupted it and in the most overly-sugary way possible told us to leave. “I’ve heard of the Mormons before. My sister was one once, but then she left it for a real Christian church. But don’t you worry about him (her “esposo”). He’s got me and I’m a good Christian woman. He’ll accept Jesus someday and his soul will be safe. Don’t worry about him. Goodbye. Goodbye. Thank you. Goodbye.” We pretty much just ignored her when she kept telling us thanks and goodbye and kept talking to the husband.
“I wish we could just put a quarter in the earth and then it would shake.”
– Hna S after the 3 earthquakes we had this week.
“Podemos agarar su numero de telefoni?”
-Hna Sd. Sometimes, we lose our ability to speak Spanish or English.
“We need to tie him to a chair, cover his mouth, and tell him her has to give us the right answer or we’ll electrocute him.”
-Also Hna S after a particularly crazy lesson with an investigator, G. He’s read a ton in the Book of Mormon, goes to church, is praying, but says he has received the answer that he doesn’t need to get baptized again. He is maybe one of the cutest old men I have ever met and I want him to be my Mexican grandpa. But, when it comes to answering questions, he’s got room from improvement. I asked him yesterday how he felt when he read the Book of Mormon, and he gave us a 15, yes 15, minute discourse on the Book of Macabees. He’s got to so much to say. SO MUCH.
The Sisters’ Meeting was this week. It was the first time I’ve seen Sister R all transfer. I miss her. She is going home in a week! The APs happened to be at the Sisters’ Meeting and we convinced them to let her spend the night with us on her last night. It’s going to be great. The main topic of conversation between Hna S and I is how much we love and adore Hna R.
R, the investigator from Guadalajara, is moving back to Guadalajara. We passed her to the missionaries there, so hopefully they will find her and keep teaching her.
We had 3 earthquakes this week! It was AWESOME! There were actually more than 3, but 3 we could feel. And they were pretty big, too. I know we probably shouldn’t wish for earthquakes, but we have been. They’re so much fun. When they don’t destroy everything.
We taught this lady named “I” again this week. After speaking about the First Vision and Joseph Smith, we asked her if she believed it really happened. And you know what she said?… NO! That was a first. In the entirety of both Hna S’s and my missions, we have never met a Hispanic who answered no to that. They believe everyone sees visions, so the Joseph Smith story is not hard for them to accept. So, we are actually kind of excited that she will find things out for herself and not take our word for it.
We got dropped by G, the lady that liked to Bible Bash with is. We had to have seen it coming, but it was still sad.
We had a great FHE with Re, her family, and a member family yesterday. Hopefully she will feel ready to set a date soon. She’s super solid in everything, but doesn’t know that she is ready to set a date and get baptized. She just needs to realize that she IS ready.
Happy Birthday, Maren! Happy Anniversary, Kelly and Raymey! Happy Birthday, Uncle Kelly! (I always remember yours because it is the same week as Maren’s and mine).
Con amor,
Mariposa…I mean, Hermana Poulson
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