Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart

August 27, 2012
Okay, this week was a little lame on email, family. I forgive you. But there’s always next week to do better.
This week was a little crazy. Monday was transfers and playing with Hna R all day. In the evening, we had a lesson with a lady that just likes to Bible-bash. The member we took with us started telling the investigator about how the Mayans described Cortez as “the White God” because they thought he was Jesus. That was a hard lesson to salvage. We spent the night packing with Sister R and enjoying every last minute we had with her. Man, I love that girl.
Tuesday was also insane. We dropped off Hna R at the mission home. It was a sad day. It felt like when Maren and Daniel left on their missions and we dropped them off at the MTC. But it was backwards. But, depression is a good motivator, it seems, because we taught a lot of really awesome lessons that day.
Wednesday we went to the Relief Society activity. It was a birthday party for all the people that have birthdays in the year. Which is a lot of people. Spanish wards are the best. At any gathering or party or activity or celebration, I just always think, white people would never do this. It’s a lot of fun.
Thursday we had an awesome lesson with G. And by awesome, I mean insane. A member and his wife came, Hno y Hna R. Hno R said “fijate!” 36 times and G started talking about King David and his concubines. The lesson was on tithing. I’m not sure how the conversation changed so rapidly. At the end, Hno R, who is trying really hard to get G baptized, said, “When you get baptized, we will slaughter a cow for you and make tacos. I will bring the soda and the cow.”
Friday we had another lesson with the Bible-bash lady (I think we will be dropping her soon), but with a different member and it was a lot better. She actually had a lot of good questions like, What will we be doing in the Celestial Kingdom, and How can we be happy there if not all the members of our family get there.
Saturday we had a really good lesson with the N girls, some less-actives. They are 15, 14, and 12, but you would think they are a LOT older than that becuase they’ve had pretty rough lives. The first time the sisters here met them was when Sister B was serving here and broke up a fist fight between one of the sisters and another girl. But it wasn’t much of a fight because it was just S wailing on the other girl and pounding her into a bush. We feel a lot of urgency to help them, because they’re at a really critical time of life, and if they start making changes now, their lives could get a lot better. But if they don’t, they’re going to get into a lot of really bad stuff. They are just young enough and influence-able now. But they are still tough eggs to crack.
Sunday was good. Sunday stuff like church and baptisms.
This week I learned that missions are not for the faint of heart. How elders do this for 2 years baffles me. It all caught up with me this week. My heart hurts. Missions are for the heartless. Loving people can be incredible painful. Everything is really good, I promise, but I just realized this week how much my heart is weighed down with constant worry and concern for people: for investigators, members, companions, mission president, other missionaries. I’m not looking forward to going home by many means, but I think that 6 more months is about all my heart has left in it. Hopefully it has that much.
I love you all!
Con amor,
Jesslyn Ann
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