Por los numeros…

August 6, 2012

Hola, vosotros. Como estais?

Here’s another number oriented email.

4 ft 10 in…

The height of the new Filipina sister that Hna S and I went on exchanges with on Wednesday, while her companion was in a meeting. I don’t think we have laughed so hard all transfer. I can’t really explain why she was so funny, but she was. It was a good day.

185 days…

Left of my mission. I made the mistake of counting that the other day, for kicks. Not because I am counting down, but I because I am counting up the days I have left to become perfected. Hna S and I both think that missionaries are supposed to come home perfected. Right? So, we are drafting up plans called “Game Plan to be Perfect.” If anyone has suggestions of how we go about this, let us know. I only have 185 days to fix all of my personality flaws and weaknesses and be a real returned missionary!

8 days…

Until my birthday! Maybe I can convince Hna S to go get mango sticky rice at the Thai restaurant. I don’t think it will be that hard to get her on board.

15 minutes…

The time in which we were dropped by 2 investigators this week. Before going into an appointment, we called on investigator to confirm an appointment for later in the day and she dropped us. Then we went into our appointment, and she also dropped us. So, that wasn’t exactly the best part of the week.


The scripture reference for the scripture of the week. Now you have to find which book. Just kidding! I’ll tell you: Moroni. There’s no particular reason that this is the scripture of the week except that I read it this week and I liked it. So hopefully you will, too.


Lessons taught this week! It was a good, busy week.

10 minutes…

That an investigator and the member we brought to the lesson spent arguing over when the seventh day is and when the Sabbath should be. It was one of those times you see that the lesson is about to be a train wreck, and you can’t do a lot to stop it. But, this new investigator, G, is pretty good. We talked to her on the street this week and she started out a little bit hostile (she attends a church here that is famous among the missionaries as being anti-Mormon), but by the end, she was really nice and open. She said she was glad to learn that some things that she had heard about the church weren’t completely right. And she knows the Bible super well. Thank heavens Hna S also knew enough about the Bible to answer this lady’s questions.


The number of letters I am going to get at district meeting next week, right?

In other news, Mac Wilburg had better pray he never meets me in a dark alley. After a year in missionary-dom, I think I might have an aneurysm if I ever hear MoTab again.

I love you! Also, your challenge for the week is to get a Mormon.org card (easily obtained through your nearest missionary) and give it to someone. You’re going to do it, right? And then you can tell me about it in your emails next week! It’s a win-win-win situation.

But, for real, I love you!

Con amor,

Hna Poulson

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