Late Letter

July 22
(I got kicked off the computer before I could send this email last week, so you get double this week. I know you’re excited!)
Hey, ya’ll.
I really apologize that my letters have lost all creativity. I also apologize for always apologizing that my letters have lost all creativity. I hope you will forgive me on both counts.
Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Dad & Mom. 31 years, is that right? You are great and I love you both.
Monday: We hiked a mountain (at least California’s version of one) for a zone activity for a devotional. In skirts, in the wind (don’t worry. Only Hna S and I were in skirts. Not the elders).  We could see the as far as the ocean to the south, and to Los Angeles on the north. At least, the zone leaders told us it was LA, but I’m not sure I believe them. And it wasn’t playing basketball at a chapel, so I counted it as a successful zone activity.
Tuesday: We taught C, the lady from Peru, with a member couple and it was an awesome lesson. She’s so great. I like great people.
Wednesday: Nothing particularly noteworthy happened. Except that at District Meeting we had German Chocolate cake that the senior missionaries made for us. It was pretty good. And it wasn’t flan, so I counted that as a successful dessert.
Thursday: WE RODE OUR BIKES! We finally fixed them and it was the best day ever. Except that is was also the hottest day of the week. I didn’t even care. I was willing to die of heat stroke as long as I could be riding a bike as I did it. Hna. S, however, wasn’t so willing, so we went home and switched to car after a few hours.
Friday: We taught about 10,000 lessons. Hermana S is a great missionary. I just follow her around trying to keep up. We also said goodbye to J, the investigator from El Salvador who is moving back to El Salvador for 6 months, and tried to convince her to get baptized there instead of waitng until she comes back here in January. Also, we went to this Thai restuarant and got mango sticky rice to celebrate Hna S’s one-year mark. It was really good. Now we are both counting down the days until my year mark so we can go back again.
Saturday: We taught a great new family, D, Y, and their 1 year old, E. Y was really interested and focused, but her husband was a little less so. It was disappointing because we invited her to be baptized and she started to say yes until she looked at her husband and then said, “Well, actually, we’d like to learn more first.” Then we invited her to church and she said yes until she looked at her husband and then said “We’ll have to see.” There was also some kind of huge something in Anaheim because traffic was diverted for several blocked around a certain area, there were hundreds of policeman, and helicopters. We didn’t know what was going on. And then today there is apparently a big riot going on at the police station. So, that’s fun. As missionaries, we don’t ever really know what’s going on in the world.
Sunday: No one came to church. Which was really disappointing. Then I had to play at a baptism. You would think they would have learned by now not to ask me, but they keep coming back, so I think they deserve what they sign up for.
Monday: Today we are playing mini golf and laser tag as a zone. let’s see if I still fit
It was a great week, though. Hermana S is the best. This was probably the most successful week of my mission, and I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with me. I need to get her sinning more so she doesn’t get translated by the end of the transfer.
Also, I was thinking this week about John the Beloved and the 3 Nephites and how they were promised they would feel no pains except for the sins of the world. I always thought that was pretty good deal. I don’t think so anymore. It wasn’t until I was a missionary that I realized that being sad because people sin would really stink. I feel for them.
I love you all.
Con amor,
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