“Chancho! I need to borrow some suedes.”

July 30, 2012
If I keep using Nacho Libre quotes as my subject lines, I’m going to run out soon.
Another good week in the wonderful land of Oz… I mean Anaheim.
We played laser tag and did mini-golf for our zone activity last week, and it was free because the owner was a member. So, that was fun.
We taught this great new investigator named El. She is awesome and we are excited about her. Also, there have been huge riots here all week because of a police shooting that happened last week. And the police station is a block away from our apartment and the roads are always closed, so that’s annoying. We also taught this new lady from Guadalajara, probably in her 60s, who just tells us how beautiful we are. Which is really nice of her. But I hope she’s actually listening to what we’re saying, too. We also contacted a referral from Church Headquarters and when her son answered the door, she ran in from the kitchen and said, “Is it the missionaries?!” I’ve never seen anyone that excited to see us before. We are teaching her tomorrow, so I hope it goes well.
Mostly just walked up and down streets talking to everyone. It was fun.
Did more missionary stuff, like teaching R, the lady from Guadalajara, and El. You know, that preaching the gospel stuff.
We went to the office to get Hna S’s violin (she’s a violin major at USU) so she could play in church this week. And I got a letter from Hna R giving me the updates on GG. F’s are going to get baptized! Later, we taught another investigator, R, who’s mom told us that R feels too pressured to get baptized. Also, her mom got baptized a year or 2 ago, and in every lesson, not matter what the topic, she finds a way to quote that scripture about the dog returning to it’s vomit. It’s actually kind of a something exciting to look forward to in each lesson, to see how she’s going to incorporate it.
Found out I had to speak in church the next day. So, I just looked through all the old Ensigns in the apartment looking to find large blocks of quotes I could read. We also found a few other new investigators. We had 10 new investigators this week, which is a lot, and it’s great to have so many new people to work with. Also, Hna S is a miracle worker at getting people who seem really uninterested to listen to us and open up. That girl is great.
I spoke in church. It probably had about 3 sentences of original material used to string together all the quotes. Thankfully, Hna S played an AWESOME musical number right after me, so no one even remembered I had spoken. We learned how to make posole. I’ve actually learned how to make a lot of foods this week and I can’t wait to come home and make them all. Get ready to take a culinary tour through central and South America when I get home. Also, Hna S and made up a game called “Es que…”, where we list off all the excuses that people give us. “Es que casi no estoy.” “Es que trabajo todos los dias.” ‘Es que no se mi direcction.” “Es que no tengo horario fijo.” We went to the elders’ baptism where I did not have to play the piano. And we got to see President and his wife, and had a little reunion of my MTC district. That’s always fun. In the evening, we found this guy and his wife sitting outside their apartment. In the 30 minutes we talked to him, I’m pretty sure he drank 1/2 gallon of beer. I don’t know much about drinking, but I thought that was pretty impressive. We’re teaching them again today, so we can see what he’s like sober. If he is.
So, that’s my week. Also, I’d just like to note, I haven’t gotten a single letter in over a month. Just saying. (This is mostly for the benefit of people that read this on the blog. My family emails me, so you all are doing great. Mom, you can add more here, if you have any suggestions of what to say that would guilt trip people more into writing me. Not because you are good at guilt tripping, but because you are the one that does the blog.)
Les quiero.
Con amor,
(So here is two bits from Jesslyn’s mom — please write to my little missionary — she’ll be home before we know it, and you’ll feel SO GUILTY if you haven’t written to her! )  😉
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