This and That

June 25, 2012
How does email time go so fast? I will try to write quick because I only have a few minutes left.
I went on exchanges this week in English, in La Habra. Let me tell you, I am SO glad I am in Spanish. English is SO hard. I do not envy them. We ran into a Jehovah’s Witness who actually talked to us for a while and was really nice. It was an interesting experience. We happened to knock into a compound of JWs, an entire building of them. But, she was nice and it was good to talk to her.
We had our temple trip this week which was, of course, great. I can’t wait until after my mission when I can go more frequently again. Also, I think I want to try to be a temple worker. I never wanted to before, but now I kind of want to.
We got 4 new investigators this week. First, is Mo and My, (38 and 28), legally married, college-educated, and
legally here in the United States. Not saying that the people who aren’t all of these things are bad, but it is incredibly rare among the people we teach. They are expecting their first child and are so cute and friendly and great.
Next, we have A, a young mom of 2 girls. She is really nice (have I described enough people as “nice” yet in this email?) and was really attentive. She was actually a potential that we got from the elders when her street was in their area and they said that her husband was really, really interested, which is good. We didn’t get to meet him.
Lastly, there’s M. He is really interesting. He has so many questions. He has gone to a lot of different churches. The lesson we had with him last night (our first one with him) was one of the best lessons I’ve had in a while, thanks mostly to the RM member we had with us. I really think he felt the Spirit during the lesson and we have high hopes for him. He is really great.
We don’t really know what’s going on with the F family. Long story. And 53 seconds left of email time. I love you!
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