Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

July 9, 2012

It finally came. It really did. I’m out of Garden Grove. For real this time.

Transfer calls came on Saturday night, but I didn’t sleep from Thursday on out of worry and anxiousness. Which, you know, is a big deal since I’ll pretty much never skip out on a chance to sleep. Oh, it was horrible.

Yesterday was maybe one of the saddest days of my life. I knew it was going to be bad when I walked into the church for ward council and started crying as soon as I saw someone from the ward. Who cries during ward council? Who?!

After that, I made it my goal to only cry 3 times at church, and I succeeded. I cried during the sacrament, and then pulled myself together just in time for the bishop to eulogize me and ask me to bear my testimony. I got about 5 sentences out until I looked at Hna. E and the C family who were tearing up a bit, and I kind of lost it from there and finished up as quickly as I could. Then I cried again saying goodbyes after church. Why did you let me grow up to be such a crybaby?! Why didn’t you electroshock therapy me every time I cried as a child and get it all out of me? What kind of parents are you?

A family in the ward had a nice goodbye dinner for me and an elder that is going home and I went home dry-eyed, which I count as an accomplishment.

So, now I am in Anaheim! El barrio de Anaheim 11. Sister R and I just swapped places so she is back in Garden Grove for her last transfer (which gives me hope that I could go back, too. As Spanish sisters, there are only 3 areas we can serve in so there’s a chance I’ll end up there again). I am with Sister S. She is so wonderful. We met in the MTC and we have been praying since then to be companions. She is from Fort Collins, but then she moved to Farmington for high school. So, we share a CO connection. I am so excited to be with her, and also to be in Anaheim, which is crawling with Hispanics. I don’t know what it’s like to be around very many of them since they are a kind of rare sight in GG. I handed out dozens of Vietnamese cards this week, and practiced some Vietnamese that the Vietnamese elders taught me. If I’d stayed there much longer, I’d probably have come home trilingual. Probably.

Also, this area has bikes and cars, thanks to Hna R who finds a way to always get what she wants for her area. So, if we want to, we can bike, but still have the luxury of a car.

Transfers were the most exciting thing that happened this week. We tried to go knocking on the 4th of July, but, of course, no one was home. Everyone in CA just buys their own fireworks to set off in the streets instead of going to a park or something to watch a firework show. So, we mostly just walked up and down the streets, watching people’s fireworks and trying the talk to them, if they would let us. Besides talking to half of the Vietnamese people in California, that was the most exciting part of the week.

That’s really about it. You all sound like you had a fun week. Glad everyone is home in one piece (especially you, Dad). PS: Dad, I’m planning a motorcycle trip down through Mexico, Central America, and into Peru where we then go to Machu Pichu. So, if you won’t do Road of Bones, I think this is a good alternative. We can eat as many pupusas as we want on our way. Mull it over. It’s a good idea, no?

Love you!

Con amor,

Hna Poulson

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