Mi Sueno es Bailar‏

July 2, 2012

Mi Sueno es Bailar‏

[That’s the name of a dance show and there are billboards for it everywhere here]

Hello, family!


Life is so great. Really hard, but great. We only taught 4 lessons this week and we had to fight for every single one of them. A lot of knocking and street contacting and following up on potentials. Here is the most exciting thing from each day of the week:


Monday – We had an FHE with the second counselor and his family. They are from Panama and his Spanish is sometimes really hard to understand. The night ended with him and his wife giving us post-mission dating and marriage advice.


Tuesday – We had the transfer-ly Sisters’ Meeting. A few of the senior sisters/couples are finishing and it was their last day. I’m going to miss them because they are great. But they told me that any time I want to come back to CA to visit, they will have a bedroom waiting for me (they are couples that serve from home). So, now I have a place to stay when I come back to visit!


Wednesday – We taught Mo and My, the married, pregnant couple (well, actually, she’s the only one who is pregnant) the Plan of Salvation. The lesson went pretty well until the end. I pulled out a family picture to bear my testimony of eternal families when we got to the Celestial Kingdom part. Mo took the picture and kept asking me questions about different people in the picture and pretty much tuned out the rest of the lesson. He said my parents looked so young and beautiful. He told me I’ve gotten really fat. Which is what every girl wants to hear. After the closing prayer, he gave me the picture back, and told me again how fat I’ve gotten and began to give me cooking tips on how I could cut out fats and oils from my diet. It wasn’t exactly how we had pictured the lesson going, but overall, it was pretty good so I can’t complain.


Thursday – We taught the F’s with Hna V (the bishop’s wife) and 2 mujeres jovenes from the ward. The lesson went so well! G  was so impressed with the girls and everything just went perfectly. Milagros!


Friday – We taught the F’s again and G kept saying how much he wanted his daughter to be like the girls that came with us the night before and be influenced by them and have their values, etc.


Saturday – Knocking. We found an entire colony of Vietnamese people and passed out a boat-load of pamphlets. We also called about half the ward telling them to befriend F’s when they came to church the next day.


Sunday – F’s didn’t come to church. Break my heart. B’s dad’s car broke down or something and they had to go rescue him. Dumb Satan. We also went to a baptism where the sisters were supposed to sing and I was supposed to accompany them, but then the other sisters left for a minute to take a call from their investigator who was lost on the way to the baptism, and they didn’t get back in time, so Sister B had to sing a solo. Poor girl. Good thing the standards for baptismal musical numbers are pretty low.


Yep. That’s it. I’ve learned to not hate knocking because once you do it soooooo much, you don’t mind it so much anymore. The mission is really focusing on looking for “true seekers”, the ones who are really prepared to hear the gospel. So, although it is discouraging to get rejected again and again and again and again and again, it’s comforting to think that they just aren’t ready right now. It’s not our fault and not necessarily their fault; they’re just not there yet.


So, things are going well. Thanks for your prayers. I love you and miss you. Don’t get burned by all the fires. Raymey is the only one allowed to be Abinadi in this family.


Con amor,


Jesslyn Ann

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