“You Are Very Robust”


Let me start by finishing what I didn’t say last week. We visited RC, the less active, who is back in our area now with the new borders. For those of you who don’t remember, he is the old man who yelled during Sunday School about why God would have-


(A man just came up to me in the library and said I am very robust. I don’t know what that is supposed to mean. He is the same man that sang to me in Hebrew a few weeks ago.)


-the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve defile themselves with each other. We went with the elders and they kind of handed him off to us. He said a 7 minute opening prayer. I wish I could remember everything he said. The four of us were laughing so hard. We were trying not to, but it was too funny. Sister B even snorted. Elder Bo, the new elder from Peru, who is the best at Spanish and understood the most of the prayer-


(That man just came back and said he is going to burn us a CD of psalms in Aramaic because we are his favorite Mormons.)


-was laughing the hardest. He spent most of the rest of the lesson talking at us, telling us about how preachers on TV are liars, and how he goes to LA to a church sometimes where he is able to levitate, and how Sister B and I are women of God, but Satan lives inside because we are women and women are dangerous. We don’t really plan on going back to see him because he is moving back to Mexico “to die in his homeland.” He apparently is fairly wealthy and has a nice home in Acapulco. He plans on dying in his house and staying there. He invited the elders to use his house on their honeymoons. Which is really romantic after he told us he plans leaving his dead body in the house.


We spent a LOT of this week knocking. Like…a lot. More than I have ever done in my mission before. We got a few good potentials that we hope will turn into investigators when we go back to visit them this week. Wish us luck (which is Missionary for PRAY for us).


(A man asked us if we smoked weed. We gave him a Book of Mormon)


C’s baptism was yesterday! I am so sorry if I repeat myself all the time, but I can never remember what/who I tell you about. C is not our investigator, but we know him really well and taught him/ talked to him a lot. He was the only one in his family who wasn’t baptized. He is pretty much just a miracle and seeing him get baptized yesterday was so great. I counted 97 people at the baptism, but more came in that I didn’t count. Hermanas B, R, S and I sang for it. When I was with Hna R, I showed her the meters in the back of the hymn book. I created a monster. Now all she wants to do it sing different tunes to songs. So, we sang “Come Unto Jesus” to the tune of “In Humility, Our Savior”, in Spanish, of course. It took a little bit of rewriting to get the words to fit in but we managed.


We went to “the after party” (which was our dinner appointment) and C and his family and friends gave us a list of telenovelas to watch after the mission. I also planned our trip to Puebla with Hna E. Also, I had to dodge a few hugs from non-member visitors who weren’t familiar with missionary standards. It’s always awkward and embarrassing when that happens.


I love you all so much. Thanks for the emails. I am doing really well. The Gospel is still true.


Con amor,



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