Nine Months and (Not) Counting…


News of the week: I hit my 9 month mark last Thursday. Disgusting. How did that even happen? I don’t think I am okay with that.


Other news: With transfers last week, we got new borders and we got so much more area that’s much more Hispanic, so that’s awesome. Also, I got parts of my original area back that I haven’t had in months. So, we are excited.


The F Family are doing really well. G is still being stubborn little G, but they are doing well. We are focusing on finding this week, especially since we have those more Mexican areas now, so wish us luck.


We have just 3 companionships in the ward now, which is nice to not have the ward crawling with so many missionaries. We also got a new elder from Peru and he’s really funny so we have a good district this transfer.


We spent about 17 (more like 5, but that’s still A TON) hours at the office this week to get tune-ups on our car, etc., and it was a lot of doing a lot of nothing. How the APs can stand being there so much is beyond me. On the upside, there was a stack of free ties so Hna B and I spent a lot of time learning how to tie ties. All the senior missionary elders had fun teaching us and telling us their pet peeves with how the young elders tie their ties. So, I am picking up a lot of good skills on the mission. These are the skills I need for the real world.


I had a lot of fun studying the future subjunctive this week (thanks, Daniel). It’s a little bit “meat before milk” for me, but fun, nonetheless.


Oh man, I’m almost out of time and just remembered more things to write. The ward Fathers’ Day party was on Saturday and it was great, like all Hispanic parties. They had a wife-carrying competition to see who of the husbands could carry his wife the longest while running laps around the gym or jumping on one foot. It was really entertaining.


I’ll just have to tell you the rest next week.


Love you!



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