A Week of Firsts


Yes, that’s what this week was.

Here’s the list:

My first: earthquake. We were teaching the F Family on Tuesday, I think it was, when we felt it. They were all sitting together on the couch so they didn’t feel it as much as we did, but it was pretty cool. Apparently, it was a 4.1 that started in Yorba Linda, so it wasn’t too far away.

The first: Jew. Last night as we were knocking, we ran into a white lady (also a rarity) who was Jewish in a complex of entirely Catholic Hispanics.

The first: Mexican that said no to a card. Usually, even if they are completely uninterested, they will still take a card, probably to get us out of their way faster. But this week, we actually had 2 or 3 people completely refuse to take card. Usually the people who do that are white.

My first: wedding celebration. We went to dinner at a member’s house on Tuesday and as we sat down to eat; the mom told us that we were lucky to be there that day because the oldest son and his girlfriend had just gotten married earlier that morning. Hardly anyone spoke the entire dinner. The mom kept saying, “I know they don’t look it right now, but they are really excited and happy.” The next day, the girlfriend decided that she wanted to get baptized, so that’s cool. Not ours, but more baptisms for Garden Grove!

Not the first: time I was confused for a store/restaurant worker because I was wearing a nametag. A member took us to a buffet for dinner one night this week and a lady at the drink station stopped me and asked me to take away the empty cup trays. I started to take them when I realized A) I had no idea what I was intending on doing with them, and B) she had thought I worked there and that’s why she had asked me. Thankfully, a real worker came by a second later and took them from me. I am so shamefully awkward as a missionary.

The first time: I invited myself over to someone’s house. The elders are always calling people and begging for food when they don’t have dinner appointments and we always thought it was so rude. But yesterday night, we were out of food and had no appointment, so we asked Hna E if she would feed us, which she did. It is totally a white thing, though, to expect an invitation and totally a Mexican thing for everyone to feed everyone without invitations. So, I still felt a little guilty, but we got a dinner out of it, so all’s well that ends well. We talked (don’t ask me why) about pregnancy and she told us that Mexicans take pregnant cravings very seriously so women are given whatever food they want when they’re pregnant. So, I’m moving to Mexico to have my children. Hope you’ll all come to visit me.

The second time: I went to Crystal Cathedral. We went as a district last week for P-day and it was fun. It is even more empty than it was last time. I wonder what it will be like when the Catholic Church moves in.

The first time: I accompanied a choir. Sister Bowen wanted our zone to sing a hymn for a conference this week, “Oh, Say What is Truth”. I was the only one who knew the hymn so I was elected both choir director and accompanist. Another Hermana, Sister S, ended up playing it with me, each of us playing a hand. This mission is SO deprived of musical talent. The next day at the conference, there wasn’t anyone out of all the zones there that could play the piano, so Hna S and I teamed up again for the opening and closing songs. I think we should take this show on the road and tour the mission. We’ve got talent.

The conference was really great though. The Bowens are all-stars. I love them. How they haven’t been translated yet, I don’t know.

We did a lot more knocking again this week. Talking to a LOT of people. We got a few new investigators but every time we went back, we couldn’t find them.

The F Family are kind of our only investigators right now. They are still progressing nicely, but G went to the doctor last week and was told that if he didn’t start taking care of himself, he was going to get diabetes. So, now he goes walking all evening when his wife B is home from work to be with the kids. Which is pretty frustrating. But we kind of laid it down with him the other day and told him that if we were going to come over, we had to know we could teach all of them and that he would listen. So, hopefully that will help.

Things are going well. We are really struggling to find people to teach, but we are working hard and praying hard, and that’s just about all we can do about it. So, we are going to keep doing it. It’s frustrating at times, but it’s comforting to know that if we are giving our best effort, it’s enough for the Lord.

Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad. Glad you haven’t died in Canada. Please come back in one piece. Two at the very most.

Love y’all.

Con amor,

Hna. Poulson

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