“Your eyes are like….Saint‏”

May 7, 2012

First of all, Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you. If I loved you any more, I’d probably have an aneurysm.

Second of all, change of plans: we can’t Skype for Mothers’ Day. So, I’ll be calling. Same time, same daughter, different method.

This week was a week of food. Besides dinner appointments, we were given 18 tamales, 15 empanadas, 2 large pizzas, and a box of donuts. I think we might explode soon. And I’ll probably have to be rolled out of Garden Grove, Violet-from-Willy-Wonka style. I hope that image is now burned into your brains.

Second sad thing: we have to cancel our English classes. We have several non-members attending, but as of yet, none of them have accepted the invitation to learn more about the Gospel, so it’s not a productive use of our time. I am dreading breaking it to them on Tuesday.

On a happier note, we talked to a homeless man in the library for an hour and a half on Tuesday. He talked to us through our Mormon.org time, and then some. He was pretty nice. He told me, “I look at your eyes, and it’s like…saint.” I’m not completely sure what that means, but I think it’s nice.

Another prime quote from the week (from someone we contacted on the street): “If you want to do the drugs, if you want to do the drinking, I say to you, ‘Go to the mountains. Get outta here.'”

We started teaching a great family this week. They went to the Mormon Battalion Visitors’ Center and requested missionaries. The parents have never taught their children anything about religion because they didn’t want to teach them anything wrong, so we are starting with a completely blank slate with them. The dad has so many questions; we can barely keep up with him. The 12 year old daughter is great and loves reading the Book of Mormon. She loves our visits and always prays that we will come more often. The 3 year old son is really cute and hides whenever I look at him, so I spend a good portion of lessons winking at him and watching his reaction. Don’t worry: I spend a greater portion of our lessons listening to the Spirit and teaching the gospel, etc.

Tal vez the best news of the week is that Garden Grove had a baptism on Saturday! It was the children of a recent convert in the elders’ area and the elders have been working with this family forever. So, the Garden Grove drought is over. It’s just like that church video where that prophet tells the people in St. George to fast and then at the end of the movie, it rains a lot. But this was a rain of the Spirit. Many much more baptisms are to come. Just you wait, Henry Higgins. Just you wait.

In other news, last week we went to a Vietnamese grocery store and bought rice field hats. Now I can legitimately say I’ve served in Garden Grove. After we do email, we’re going to go get Korean food. Oh, we also went to Swap meet last P-day for tacos. I found an awesome luchador mask with the Mexican flag on it. I almost bought it. I wish I had. Sister R, Sister B and I all want to deck ourselves out with mariachi band clothing and dress up as a mariachi band for Halloween when we get home. I call dibs on playing the trumpet.

Speaking of mariachis, we’re having a Mothers’ Day party on Saturday and they promised there would be a mariachi band. Needless to say, I’m excited.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. I love you. Ya lublu tebya. I am so happy and so grateful that I can serve the Lord and help His children. It’s pretty great to have your “eye single to the glory of God.”

Keep on keepin’ on.

Con amor,

Hna. Poulson (But that’s Jesslyn to you!)

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