“They all died…in their sins…”

April 23, 2012

These are the words to the song Hna. Ba was singing yesterday as we watched “The Testaments”. With her and me together, I think this companionship has a bright future in musical theatre.

I only have 9 minutes left so this is going to be quick. This week was pretty great. In English class this week, I got our students to read the entire Joseph Smith pamphlet. We were doing it to practice pronunciation, but little did they know they were being taught eternal truths. Sneak attack! That’s how we do it. What more, they liked it and were asking a lot of questions.

We also taught a former this week. We taught him a few weeks ago and he seemed like he was only tolerating us, but he turned completely around this visit. When we called him, he wanted us to come over right away, but we were busy. So, we went the next day and he was engaged and interested and asked a lot of questions and was looking forward to doing the reading we gave him. So, that’s awesome.

We also taught Ev about the Law of Chastity, which can sometime be a make it or break it lesson. She took it really well, and was going to talk to her husband about marriage. She wants to get married, but he, like 90% of Hispanics, doesn’t believe it is necessary. So, we hope that conversation went well.

Also, (milagro!) C’s, our eternal investigator, husband is finally willing to listen to the missionaries. His mom died a few weeks ago and he had been talking to his baptized sons about the gospel. He has avoided the missionaries like the plague so this is a big deal. I am super excited to meet with him this week.

Remember Hna. J, the music director who yelled at us when we tried to make a break for it in Relief Society? For the last 4 or so weeks, she has been making me play a song for the practice hymn in RS that I’ve never heard before because it is only in Spanish, and that has 3 flats. So, I can’t really play it. At all. But she makes me do it anyway. Yesterday, when they announced the practice hymn, the president said, “And we are going to ask the misionera to play for us” (6 months and they still don’t know my name) and Hna J said, “Actually, let’s not. She can’t play.” It made me laugh but I think it made all the other women feel bad because then they all insisted that I was a really good pianist and that they wanted me to play. Those kind souls. It actually went okay because after 4 weeks, I mas o menos knew how it went. So, there’s your fun story of the week.

But for real, I know I have said this a million times, but I ADORE Garden Grove 10. This is the best ward of all time. Yesterday at church, I thought my heart was going to explode as I looked around and saw all of these people in this ward that I love so much and sat next to C, who I love so much, and I thought it shouldn’t even be allowed to have this many people that I love so much all in one room together. The Celestial Kingdom is going to be an extension of Garden Grove 10. Just you wait and see.

Entonces, that was the week. Stay tuned for next Monday.

I love you (even though you send me really short emails, siblings).


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