Kids, Stay Off the Streets!

March 26, 2012

I was going to try to do something exciting for my letter this week, but then nothing really exciting happened.

 I was really sick for most of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The worse possible punishment for a missionary is making them stay inside the apartment. Heaven knows I am a homebody, but on a mission, it’s awful. You just want to be OUT! Sister B was good to me, though, and I slept for most of that time.

 The convict is going back to prison. Let this be a lesson to you, kids: Don’t join gangs. It never turns out well.

 Good news: his mother, E, decided to move out instead of marrying her (dirtbag) not-husband. So, she’s clear for baptism! Yea! The downside is that the people she is moving in with are really Catholic and aren’t huge fans of Mormons, and her son is going to prison, and she’s leaving her boyfriend of 28 years, so she wants to wait a week or so until her life settles down a bit before she gets baptized. Hopefully soon.

 Maren, I had a dream about that bathroom in Guatemala. You know the one. I thought you should know.

How is/was that media initiative going in Colorado?

 Also, with the success Romney is getting right now, we’ve been counseled be even more careful about not drawing attention to ourselves and just being cautious and careful and wise. You know, so I had to stop all that partying (NOT!) and all those other conspicuous activities that I love doing as a missionary. That was the first time I heard anything about the election. Thank heavens. I really got lucky serving my mission during an election so I don’t have to hear about any of it.

 Ward Conference was yesterday. It was good. The choir was okay! Big success. The elders had three baptisms lined up for yesterday and they all fell through. Not a big success. But, hopefully we can line them up for next week. And then the Drought of Garden Grove will be done! It’s just like that church movie about the pioneers and some prophet and it rains at the end. And at some point in the movie the prophet says he just wants some warm milk for dinner and Maren and I always thought that sounded really gross. You know. That one. I’m realizing now that maybe I didn’t pay as much attention in Primary as I should have. I think it was on the same tape as the movie that has “Petticoats” in the title. Petticoat Junction? No, that’s a TV show, right? Prophets and Petticoats? I don’t remember. (Note: I think Jesslyn means “Pioneers in Petticoats”!)

 I love you all. Happy Conference Weekend! Follow the Prophet!

 Con amor,


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