April 2, 2012

Hola, hola, Amigitos! (that’s what the 3 year old son of one of our less-actives call us)

Raymey: Happy Birthday!

Kelly: I love you!

 Dad: When are you going to take me to Moab?

 Mom: I just sent you a 15 page email so I have nothing more to say.

 Maren: Have fun in Hawaii! When I am a teacher, can we take fun Spring Breaks together?

 Daniel: When I am back in Utah, will you come visit me for conference weekend?

This week:

 Two people dropped us! Well, one wasn’t an investigator. She is a less-active but she says she is Lutheran now and she doesn’t want us wasting our time by visiting her. The investigator (the Puerto Rican) said pretty much the same thing. She said she’s content going to Crystal Cathedral and doesn’t want us wasting our time because there are other people for us to teach. So, that was fun.

We had interviews this week. That’s always fun.

 I don’t remember if I told you about the lady whose kids poured chocolate syrup all over my companion, but we met with her a few times this week and she’s pretty good. She’s really quiet and doesn’t say much, even when we ask questions, so I think she understands/accepts what we teach, but you never really know. We have high hopes for her.

General Conference was great. We watched it in English at our chapel. It was the missionaries and the Korean youth in the English room. There was an English room, a Korean room, and a Spanish room. We’re so multinational.

 During the break in between sessions, the Spanish ward and the Korean branch had a lunch. The Spanish ward had horchata, chips and salsa, posole, cake, sandwiches, rice and beans, etc. The Korean ward gave everyone a cup-o-noodles. That apparently is the difference between the two cultures (and their waistlines).

 I loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk. I mean, he’s always my favorite. Elder Holland didn’t scare me as much as he usually does. I also enjoyed Oaks. That’s my two sense on conference.

I love you all. Happy Easter!

 Hermana Jess

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