Bienvenida, Dia de Preparacion. Hoy Podemos Descansar

February 27, 2012

Ah! Somehow I only have 10 minutes of email left. Let’s see. This week:

I cried at dinner at the bishop’s house. Because I am a baby. He was pushing my buttons and apparently it was not something I could handle that day. What good is being the youngest child if you can’t take teasing?! It was definitely the most embarrassing experience of my life. And the more I tried to keep it in, the more I thought I was going to explode with tears. I am great at ruining dinner appointments. The good news, we cleaned his clerk’s office afterward (which was about the most fun I’ve had in ages) so maybe he’s forgiven me.

Yesterday in RS, I sat next to his wife and when the dinner calendar came around, she asked me if they were allowed to sign up. I said of course, and promised not to ruin dinner again. Hopefully all is forgiven. (Side note: it was really funny to see the looks she was giving her husband during dinner because they were the same looks I remember Mom giving Dad occasionally when he would tease people and she would think he needed to stop. It made me miss you. And also laugh a little bit. Which is good because you can’t laugh and cry well at the same time.)

-Insults I’ve received this week: I am pushy and have a whiney voice. They both came from the same person. Hopefully I’m only pushy and whiney with him.

-A new investigator guessed my age was 17. When Hna R and I started to laugh, he asked if we were laughing because it was lower than that. You want to look 10 years younger? Go on a mission.

-A less active lady (the one whose husband we are teaching and are going to go to Peten with) spoke in church yesterday! It was so great to see her giving a great talk (it was probably the best talk I’ve heard in church yet on my mission, and Spanish wards usually have pretty good speakers) and being all active in the church and whatnot. Also, we finagled her husband into staying for the second hour, which was good because he always makes a break for it after sacrament. He is a slippery little fish.

-I directed half of the choir again. It was a disaster, again. I never claimed to have any musical talent so I don’t know how I got myself into this situation. But, it is entertaining, and usually panic attack inducing. Raymey, I need your help! You should be here instead of me.

-Transfers are next week. We are pretty sure we will stay here. With only 6 Spanish sisters, the possibilities are really limited. They are splitting our area again and giving us another set of missionaries, bringing the missionary count in this ward to 9. How do English missionaries survive with one companionship? Once again, we will lose half our area, but we think that most of our solid investigators will still be in our area. I am praying that it will be so small we’ll have to go on bikes. I think Sister R is praying for the opposite and negating my prayers. So, we’ll see what happens. We’ll probably stay in a car forever because we’re sisters. Gross. 

-We took a member to a lesson with the slippery fish guy this week. It was not the lesson we anticipated. He got into a lot of deep and confusing doctrine. And then told us how he has 35 brothers and sisters, got married at 16 (his wife was 14) and was a branch president at 19 (but didn’t go through the temple until a couple of years ago. How does that even work?)! 

Yep, I think that’s the basics. I write long emails. Sorry. I love you. My family is the best. I miss you. Why are you so cool? To quote the wise words of my favorite niece: “I could ever resist a thing like you.”

Con amor,

Hermana Poulson

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