My Life’s In Jeopardy

February 6, 2012

[This letter is to be read in an Alex Trebek voice]

Answer: “They just keep taking you from further and further away now. Ya’ll used to just be from Utah.”

What is…what the librarian said to us last week after we told her where we were from?

{I think she thinks they steal people from their beds at night, stick a tracking device in their necks, slap a tag on them, and put them on a plane to Anaheim. Which may or may not be true.} (Just kidding. It’s not true. Being a missionary is great.)
Answer: 3

What is…the number of our investigators who can’t get baptized because of their chastity problems?

{So close with all three of these women. What’s so bad about marriage? (I’m not married. I don’t know.)}
Answer: Peten

What is…the location of the timeshare one of our part-member families has and invited us to use after our missions?

{I’m so willing to go back there and see Tikal again and eat pupusas. Let’s go, Maren.}
Answer: Vietnamese.

What is…the nationality of the 150 people we helped the elders register for their English class?

{Most fun night of the week. The Vietnamese elders helped us set up our English class so we were paying them back. Maybe someday we will have that many people come to our class. Right now, we are at 12.}
Answer: Makes you grateful for your companion.

What is….the main reason missionaries go on exchanges (in Hermana Poulson’s opinion)?

{I love Sister R. I never want to not be her companion.}
So much more to say, but I am out of time. I love you all!

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