Top Ten Moments of the Week:

January 30, 2012


10. Teaching Primary yesterday. I can’t even begin to describe what a huge disaster it is to put six missionaries and a 2nd Counselor in charge of Primary. Fun, but terrible. But, fun.


9. Going to Chinese New Year in Little Saigon. So many firecrackers. So much weird food. So few white people. So much fun. Also, buying a space heater at Wal-Mart last P-day. Now I don’t have to stick my feet in the oven when I get cold.


8. Hna. R contacting a white man on the street and offering him an English class card. Needless to say, he didn’t speak Spanish and didn’t need to go to English class.


7. Visiting a less active member and finding only her son (we’ve never met her, but she’s on our ward list). He said, “You again? I told you, my mom’s not part of your church. She’s never been to church in her life.” We tried to explain that we wouldn’t have any of her information if she wasn’t and he told us how he thought we were really just scammers. He spent the whole conversation misusing “big” words and said, “We would appreciate not your presence here” before closing the door. Apparently, he’s been hanging out with Yoda too much, lately.


6. Discussing teaching the Word of Wisdom during district meeting. Hna R told us about how one of her MTC teachers took his investigator’s cigarettes, boiled them, and made the guy drink it. Good news: He stopped smoking. Bad news: It made him sick and he was so mad at the missionaries that he dropped them. Our district leader said, “That’s like Moses melting down the golden calf and making the children of Israel drink it.”


5. Practicing the piano before Sacrament Meeting (I had to accompany the elders for a musical number. This shows you the lack of musical talent that exists among the Spanish-speaking missionaries when I am the best pianist in the zone. I also had to play for a baptism in Fullerton last night. Southern California needs more pianists.) And having a guy from the English ward come up to me and say “Is that how you learned to play, or is that your own way of playing?” I asked him what that meant, and he said “I’ve just never heard anyone play the piano like that before.” It reminded me of that part in Sleepless in Seattle when the kid says, “I’ve never seen anyone cook potatoes like that before”, meaning he hated the potatoes his dad’s girlfriend made. It made all of the elders laugh because none of us knew how to respond to that. Like I said, we need people here that can actually play the piano.


4. Eating mole chocolate from Oaxaca. Mmmmm, best food ever. Apparently there is this awesome mole place right over our mission border so our favorite member, Hna E, goes there to get mole to feed us.


3. Hno. C claiming me as his child from the pulpit during his Sacrament Meeting talk.


2. Probably tied with #1: Going to the temple with Hna E when she went through for the first time. Such a great experience. Also, the Newport Beach Temple is beautiful. Also, I understood almost everything in the Spanish session. So, this is good.


1  Hna C, our investigator from Long Beach, accepting a baptismal date. And wanting it. Nothing we pressured her into. She is tough as a rock and it’s nothing short of a miracle that she is finally progressing towards baptism. I was so happy, I almost started crying. I don’t think I’ve ever cried out of joy before. It was the best lesson ever.


Thanks for all the letters and prayers. I love you all. Go read the Book of Mormon.



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