January 23, 2012

Okay, here’s the run-down for the week. I’m not feeling creative right now, so, I apologize.

Points of Interest:

1. News of the Week: I’m staying in Garden Grove! With Sister R! It’s going to be great. President told us at interviews on Friday, so we got the inside scoop. We were grateful because it was one less day we had to spend terrified of what transfers would bring.
2. Romance of the Week: The convict is back! And, in love with Sister R. So, that’s why he’s been avoiding us. Good to know, but that puts us in an awkward situation, especially since his mother is our most solid investigator.
3. Spanish Word of the Week: One of our investigators described me as “sangrona” which is being interpreted as “stuck up”. She actually said I just look like it from my appearance, but that I’m not really. So, I’m not sure how to take that. But, then she started talking about her favorite missionary that she wants me to marry, so I can’t be that bad if I’m worthy of him.
4. Dinner of the Week: We ate at “Raw Chicken’s” this weekend. I may or may not have hid food in a napkin in my lap and then snuck it into my bag. I got food all over my bag, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make. Maybe I am sangrona. Then again, Sister R. ate her food and was sick all night. So…
5. Quote of the Week: (whilst talking about the Russians taking back Alaska)
Sister R: “It’s like when you ‘borrow’ a tissue. You dirty it up and then keep it. Sarah Palin’s there now and NO ONE wants that back.” Heaven knows I hate politics, but all politics aside, it’s still pretty funny.
6. Russia Thing of the Week: We stumbled upon a random grocery store in our area last P-day and decided to try it out. Hna. R picked up a package of cookies near the entrance and asked me “Is this Russian writing?” It was. We continued down the aisle to discover that all of the food in it was Eastern European. Awesome! I ended up buying some kvas (well, a soda version of it. It is a (usually) alcoholic drink made from tree sap, I think, that is frequently used in cooking.) I’d never tried it before, so we decided to take it to our dinner appointment and try it with them (it was with our favorite member who we are going to the temple with this week). Turns out, it is completely disgusting. It smelled and tasted like yeast. Ah, terrible smells always make me homesick for the Motherland.

Andale Pues,


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