The Good, The Bad, and the Awesome


The good and bad of the week: (Let it be known, this week was great and all the good far outweighed the bad, as in almost all things missionary)


The Good: The temple tour was this week!

The Bad: The zone leaders asked us to be one of the companionships to give it.

(The Worse: I left my flashcards at home.)


The Good: So few people came, they decided to consolidate them all into one group, thus eliminating the probability that we would give it, as all the other companionships were native speakers.

The Bad: They still chose us.

The Awesome: We were at the temple, so, all is well.


The Good: Hermana R is really good under pressure and the tour was great.

The Bad: I am not good under pressure and about the only thing I said was “Templo. Bien!” proceeded by a couple of thumbs up.

The Awesome: The church is still true, despite us!


The Good: Our dinner with “Raw Chicken” got cancelled.

The Bad: She signed up to feed us again this week.

The Awesome: The rest of our meals are with awesome cooks.


The Good: Hermana R wanted me to start an illustrated compendium of my life, because I tell her all the dumb stories from my life.

The Bad: I can’t draw.

(The Ugly: the pictures)


The Good: I/We did it anyway and it is fun. I am thinking of publishing a children’s version of my autobiography when I get home.

The Bad: We spend our journal writing time drawing pictures, so I am pretty behind.

The Awesome: It’s pretty much like I’m making an illustrated journal, right?


The Good: The Sister’s Meeting that is held once a transfer was yesterday. It’s so fun to get together as sisters. Especially since all of the sister are Polynesian and super fun.

The Bad: 19 year old elders are the most awkward (and possibly the most frustrating) creature on the planet.

The Awesome: President and Sister Bowen make up for it all. In fact, yesterday we suggested that we have “Assistants to the President’s Wife”, and humbly volunteered for the position. I feel like it will happen.


The Good: One of our favorite members is going to the temple for the first time next week and invited us to go with her!

The Bad: It means we miss our temple trip today. And because transfers are between now and next week, if we get transferred we can’t go with her and don’t go to the temple for another 3 months.

The Awesome: We don’t really care because we’d rather go with her!


The Good: We got a new investigator this week that is really cool.

The Bad: She is from Puerto Rico and we can’t understand a word she says.

The Awesome: We got a new investigator!!! (Also, her sister invited us to come stay with her for free in Puerto Rico, you know, next time we’re stopping by there.)


The Good: The bishop wants us to go to ward council so we went for the first time this week and it was great and really helpful. Also, watching ward council in Spanish wards is entertaining.

The Bad: Right afterwards, he asked us to do a musical number in church with 30 minutes notice.

The Really Bad: Our musical number

(The Honest: It really was bad. No humility here. No one said anything to us about it afterwards because they knew they wouldn’t be able to say anything nice about it.)

The Awesome: I’m beginning to lose all shame (maybe that’s not awesome).


The Good: Our 2 investigators with dates are moving along nicely. I love them to death.

The Bad: We’ve completely lost the convict (Okay, I really do feel bad calling him that, but it’s just easier)

The Awesome: We had a ton of less-actives at church this week, so even if we’re not having a lot of baptisms, we feel like we’re doing some good in this ward.


The Good: Our first REAL English class was this week.

The Bad: Only 3 people came.

The Awesome: We split into 2 groups and I talked to the Puerto Rican lady and she told me some awesome and really funny stories about her life.


The Good: We taught a lesson with a member to our really stubborn investigator and it was really good.

The Bad: The member changed the subject after we extended a baptismal invitation, so she didn’t accept it, though we both really felt like she would have.

The Awesome: It’s a great experience caring about and studying so hard for someone, and even though it is frustrating and sometimes horrible, I am loving the process and learning to rely on the Lord to do His work with His children.


The Good: I’ve realized that I make cannibalism jokes a lot (Kelly has been helping with that) and I think it’s a family trait (Mom, remember when we rewrote the lyrics to “The Christmas Song”? That was fun).

The Bad: Sister R thinks I am weird and morbid.

The Awesome: She loves me anyway. This week she said “I love being your companion because I know I’ll never be the craziest one in the companionship.”

The Even Awesomer: I love my family, cannabalism and all. It endears you to me.


The Good: My parents wrote me awesome emails this week.

The Bad: My siblings didn’t. And I didn’t receive any mail, either.

The Awesome: This is going to change next week!!!! (The beauty of repentance, eh?)


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