Quiz: La Vida de la Hermana Poulson‏

January 9, 2012

1. Most exciting moment of the week was:
a) E., our investigator, saying she stayed up until 12:30 am reading the Book of Mormon because she couldn’t put it down.
b) Hermano C., my Salvadorian father, introducing me in the Gospel Principles class as his adopted daughter, and calling me Hermana C. for the rest of the lesson.
c) Teaching a lesson to the Long Beach lady, and making her promises and telling her things that I knew were not coming from me.
d) Correctly using the subjunctive. (It’s not instinctual, yet, Maren. Still waiting for that moment).

2. Most frightening moment of the week was:
a) The convict’s girlfriend saying that if he kept meeting with us, she was going to hunt us down.
b) Finding a cockroach colony in the closet.
c) The “raw chicken” lady signing up to feed us next week.

3. Most embarrassing moment of the week was:
a) Bearing my testimony in front of a large group of English and Spanish missionaries at the President’s request, and out of habit, closing by saying “en el nombre de Tu Hijo, Jesucristo, Amen.
b) Telling E. several times that I didn’t understand Spanish very well only to learn that she was speaking to me in English.
c) Reading a large chunk of scripture in Sunday School and pronouncing every word wrong and being corrected by every member of the class.

4. Funniest moment of the week was:
a) E.’s husband trying to talk to us in English and saying only “Bloh! Bloh! Bloh!” When we didn’t understand him, he just said it louder. Eventually, we realized he was trying to say “blood” and he and his wife spent the next three minutes repeating the word to perfect their pronunciation. “Blood! Blood! Blood! Blood!!”
b) The Vietnamese elders giving us Vietnamese names. Mine is “Chi ca Bot” (Sister Courageous –as soon as they told us the translation, Hna R. said, “I love my companion. But that is not the adjective I would use to describe her.”) and Hna R. is “Chi ca Dung”. Glad I didn’t get that one. It means Sister Harmonize.
c) The convict talking to us on the phone. This is how the conversation went:
Convict: Where’s Poulson? What’s she doing?
Hna R.: She’s playing with something gooey. (a ball of Sticky-Tac on my desk)
C: She’s playing a Wii? You guys have those things?
HR: No, something goo-ey.
C: Oh, well, do you want a Wii? I have two. You can have my black one.
HR: No, we don’t want your Wii.
C: Oh, well, what is Poulson playing with?
HR: It’s called Sticky-Tac.
C: Snake Attack? Is that a Wii game? I thought you said you didn’t have a Wii?!
HR: NO. STICKY-TAC. It’s something you use to hang things on the wall?
C: She’s playing with a picture frame?
Hna Poulson: NEVER MIND!
d) Our less-active, 90 year old member yelling out in Gospel Principles class (about the Fall of Adam and Eve), “WHY DID GOD LET THE SONS OF ADAM DEFILE THEMSELVES WITH THEIR OWN SISTERS?!” and then going on to talk about genetics and how his dearest wish was to be tall and white.

5. The most delicious moment of the week:
a) Fajitas with Costco uncooked tortillas.
b) Enchiladas and homemade mole.
c) Frozen yogurt.
d) Reese’s Christmas bells for breakfast.

1)a 2)c Most definitely c. 3)a 4)d 5) b People from Puebla, Mexico definitely have the best food.

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