Ya Lublu Tebya!

December 27, 2011

Pues, pues, pues. Fancy seeing you here again, Familia. Long time, no see.

I don’t remember what I talked to you about on Sunday, except for admiring your Snuggies, introducing you to the millions of people running around the house, and having Madeline show me part of Santa’s coat. Entonces, I’m just going to repeat things I probably already told you. Also, I didn’t have time to talk to Kelly so these are for her benefit, and probably the aunts and grandparents, too.

I had my first zone conference last week. It was actually a four zone conference. I think it’s easier just to knock us all out at once. It was good. We ended by watching “A Christmas Carol” (since it’s President Monson’s favorite Christmas movie), but I would have preferred if it was the Muppets’ version. You can never go wrong with Muppets.

Hna. R and I sang at the ward Christmas party. So…..that was fun. Except for the singing at the Christmas party part.

Rosa (the pregnant, awkward-door-approach lady) dropped us this week. That was a bit of a tragedy.

BUT, we made progress with another investigator. She has been meeting with the missionaries for over a year and just moved to our mission from the Long Beach Mission. She is trying to set me up with one of her old missionaries. When we were at her house making tamales on Christmas Eve, she told me that when he and I get married, I shouldn’t cook for him. I asked her why, and she paused and gave me an awkward smile and said, “Well, I just think you should let him do it. He’s better at it.” She’s never seen me cook, but apparently she has no confidence in my abilities. A few minutes later, her mom asked me to count the tamales and I didn’t really hear or understand her. So then they started joking that I can’t count. So, cooking and counting are apparently not in my arsenal of talents. I have other skills, like whistling and sleeping and reading the scriptures, so, joke’s on them.

At the Christmas party, a little girl asked us where her parents were. I told her they were gone; they had left her. She almost started to cry, until Hna. R blurted out that they hadn’t and showed her where to find them. Then she went to her less-active parents and I prayed she didn’t tell them what I had done. So, maybe 5 year olds don’t get joking. Lessons learned.

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the Elders’ investigator. She gave us Christmas presents. I got a Vodka Martini set. She’s got me pegged.

I hope the Elders haven’t taught her the Word of Wisdom, yet.

We had so much fun watching her kids open presents. They were so happy and excited. It was one of the best Christmas Eves ever.

Also, Mom, whenever I show people that picture of our family, they always tell me how beautiful and young you are. So, you are beautiful and young. And I love you.

Christmas was great. Thanks again for the package. It was wonderful. I think I’ve only eaten dried mangos for the last 3 days. And, I love my Cecil shirt. Remember when I made a Cecil O.-Lantern and everyone thought it was a fetus or a map of Africa? My Cecil shirt is much better than that.

I think the best part of Christmas was when Hno. C told you that I speak Spanish like a Salvadorian. He’s a dirty liar, but I appreciate the compliment. The other day he told me that I spoke just like a Mexican and I told him I still had a long way to go, because I wanted to be a Salvadorian. So, I must have improved a lot in only 2 days.

Also, Maren, there is this lady in our ward from Guatemala but she has never heard of Antigua, or Peten, or Coban, or Tikal. So, now I am wondering if we even went to Guatemala at all. Maybe it was like the Truman Show when they told him they were going to Mount Rushmore, etc., but it was only a cheap knock-off. Did you take us to cheap, knock-off Guatemala? If you did, I still think it was pretty great, so I forgive you.

We went caroling to President and his family on Christmas night and stayed and visited for a bit. He reminds me a lot of you, Dad, especially in the way he thinks things need to run. And a lot of the time in his sense of humor, too. That’s probably why I like him so much. And his daughter reminds me of Kelly, and she has 2 kids the same ages as Madeline and Grant, so it was like spending Christmas with knock-off version of my family. But MY family has the REAL Peten. Don’t worry. I’m not replacing you.

I love you muchisimo! Thanks for your letters. I love all de orphans in de whole world. (Name that movie) And by that, I mean I love you all…in the whole world.


Hermana Poulson!

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