“Here’s a bottle of whiskey and the keys to a 20 year old rusted out pickup truck you can share. You can either die out or open a casino”

Privyet, mi familia (I’m so multi-lingual),

So much happened this week (Is that how I start all of my letters? Either lots of things happen, or nothing happens (which really means lots of things happened and I don’t remember them. Thus is the life of a missionary)). On Tuesday, we had a meeting for all of the sisters in the mission, which apparently happens every transfer. It was fun to meet the other people in the mission. They are ALL Polynesian. Quite literally, the only white sisters are the 6 Spanish ones. It was so much fun. They hula-ed for us and pretty much were just a lot of fun.

Wednesday, Sister R and I got into a small car accident. Long story short, she hit another car in an intersection, and it was pretty unpreventable, but since she was making a right-hand turn, the blame lay with her. So, I have to be the driver next transfer. Which I am NOT looking forward to. With any luck, I’ll just run into a police car on my first day and get red-dotted. That’s my goal.

The good that came of that though, was that we got to go to Yorba Linda and get free T-shirts from the car repair place. Apparently, you’re not a real Anaheim missionary until you have a shirt from there. So, I’m legit now.

Thursday was fun. We went to the Honda Center to help clean up after a big charity Thanksgiving dinner. I dropped 4 tables on my feet and accidently washed my shoes in a lot of turkey juice, but it was really fun. Then we went to Thanksgiving dinner with a less-active member we are working with and had turkey and rice for dinner. It was pretty good. But, I think we’ll have to have a Thanksgiving dinner when I get home (even though it will be in March) so I can have some cranberry sauce and stuffing and the like.

Then we went to an investigator’s house for what turned out to be a second Thanksgiving dinner. We thought since we made the appointment for 8pm, dinner would be finished by then, but it wasn’t. By the time dinner was ready, it was almost 9pm and we had to go but they loaded us up with boxes and boxes and boxes of food. For that dinner, we had turkey and chow mein and this other Chinese quesadilla thing and ribs. How festive. But, her husband is a chef, so it was all really good.

SO, that’s the good and the good of the week: now the ugly. We got dropped by that family 2 days later. Most painful breakup ever. They basically said they just feel really good about their church now, and they believe the Book of Mormon is from God, that we “planted a seed”, but they just aren’t ready to change religions now. I wanted to cry. We don’t want to be seed-planters. Isn’t this field supposed to be white and ready to harvest?

They have been taking the lessons since June and really haven’t made any progress until we came in (not because of any doing of our own) and we were so happy, but they just are too emotionally attached to Crystal Cathedral. We also had to drop two other investigators, and our only progressing investigator has been pulling back the last few days. So, that’s hard. But, we have some really good plans for finding some new investigators so we’re excited.

Tengan un buena semana. Les amo!

Hna Poulson

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