Feliz Navidad (ch-ch-ch-ch-ch!)

Let’s just start by giving you a run-down of my week in quotes from lessons:

In a prayer given by an 8 year old: “Please bless these Mormons, I mean, elders, and help them come back here whenever they can always.” (Then he gave me a picture addressed to “Morman”. That’s my name.)

A 6 year old’s rendition of David and Goliath: “He wanted to eat him and then the mom said that because you are smelly, he will want to eat you.”

A lady on the street’s response to Hermana R when Hna. R started talking to the lady in Spanish. “Sorry, I don’t speak English. I can’t understand you. I speak Spanish.”

Another 6 year old’s response to Hermana R’s question, following a lesson on temples: “What happens to people if they can’t get baptized while they are alive?” – “Ummm, I think they just take a shower then.” (It seems kids equate baptism with bathing.)

Okay, I only remembered those things because I wrote them down. I don’t remember anything else that happened to me in the week. We have a lot of lessons with members this week that they are supposed to invite friends to, so we are excited to get some investigators from those, because our investigator pool is incredibly small. But, we feel really good about the things we have planned for this week.

We made a Christmas tree out of cardboard. We’re very festive.

The investigators that dropped us last week saw us in their complex and gave us some Christmas lights so we decorated our apartment with them. The lights, not the investigators.

I understood most of what was said in Sacrament meeting this week. And then after church, I got chastised by a lady who’s Family Home Evening we accidently crashed. She said I wasn’t trying hard enough to learn the language. I may or may not have cried after we left her house.

We are about to take our Christmas card pictures. Ya’ll have some gems coming to you in the mail. I love you!

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