A Late Hello0…

November 15, 2011

I am in such a hurry right now, but long story short, we couldn’t do email yesterday and so now we have just a few minutes to do it. Sorry if I miss anyone’s questions, etc.

Dad, I don’t know much about the 15–Names, but our ward is doing it. The RS gave us a few really really good names and we are having some success with those people. The Elder’s Quorum also gave us five names, but we think they just chose random names from the ward list because many of them had moved and or the phone number was wrong. I think it’s a good program that can have a lot of success if everyone is on board with it: the WML, the missionaries, the bishop, and the auxiliaries. But if any of them are just going through the motions without really wanting to help these people and make the program succeed, it won’t.

Maren, I loved the picture. It did kind of look like me. It’s not. I’m not pregnant. I’m a missionary.

Daniel, thanks for the tips. I’m trying. My Spanish is actually improving. SLOWLY. But I speak so much English here that it is kind of hard.

In church on Sunday (which is, by the way, incredibly entertaining. I think everyone should go to a Spanish ward always), 3 of the 4 speakers didn’t show up so the bishop ended up speaking for most of it. I was only getting like half of what he was saying and I was wondering why he kept saying” the big winner”. I thought maybe he was making a joke or something or quoting something. I didn’t know why he was randomly inserting an English phrase into his talk. About 20 minutes into his talk, I realized he was talking about the witnesses of the BOM and the bigger winner was always preceded by Martin Harris and Oliver Cowdrey. He was actually saying David Whitmer. I tried really hard not to laugh out loud. Oh boy.

I have to play the piano sometimes here. I can’t play it though. But they think anything is better, so even if I only play like the first line and then fade out, they think it’s great. So that’s good.

Thanks for the pictures. I got the card at our zone activity yesterday and I made them all look at the beautiful pictures of my niece and nephew. Can you imagine me as a grandmother? I’m gonna be toting around photo albums of my grandkids everywhere.

Okay, now I can actually tell you about the work: This week was rough because we had lots of meetings and Hna. R was sick, etc. so we did like, no missionary work. Which made us feel pretty bad. But, we have some great investigators. This mother and daughter that have been taught since June finally came to church for the first time on Sunday. We were so excited. They go to the Crystal Cathedral and I think they are worried about leaving it because they are pretty attached to the environment/socialness, etc. I just love the people. I love everyone. They say you love people on your mission, but I didn’t really understand it until now. I love everyone. It’s so cool.

I don’t have any more time. But I love you. You’re great.


Quickly, Ideas for Christmas: The gospel art library book, patterned nylons, mini stapler, sunglasses, slippers/house socks, stamps!, a sharpie pen, stickers.

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