“I am singing at the party; Ramses is not singing, he does not sing at the party…”

October 27, 2011

I got my travel plans this week! We leave the SLC airport at 8 something Tuesday morning, and arrive in CA just before 10. Ah, exciting. Terrifying and exciting. There’s like 14 of us all going to Anaheim. I wonder how big my mission is.

Um. what else. Things I’ve learned: the only thing I hate more than irregular verbs are verbs that are not always irregular. It’s pathetic, but I still haven’t memorized my verb conjugations. There are so many, and they just all get jumbled together in my head. Thank heavens the Spirit teaches and not me, or else I would be one sad mess.

I saw Lissy this week and she talked to me for like an hour. It has been such a blessing that she has been here. I love her and she is taking good care of me. She even said that she prayed to still be single in 18 months so we could live together again. Ha. I love her.

I got a letter from Sister T this week and I promised I would reply to any letters I got but she didn’t put a return address on it. So, tell her thank you and that I say hello and if she wants, I can go to Italy with her and be a translator. Spanish is close enough to Italian, right?!

I have to pay for my baggage. I think it will be like $80 and I think that they said I’d be reimbursed later, but can you check that I have that much in my account? I am positive that I do, but I just want to be extra sure. So, thanks.

Grandma & Grandpa, we had to do this thing about how using family history can help us find investigators and then we played around on Family Search for a while. I ended up finding Anders Peter Frost’s death certificate, and Grandpa’s dad’s death certificate. It was really interesting to see those and remember that they were real people, not just stories. If you ever felt like sending me family history stories, I’d be more than happy to read them! And, when I get back, I want to do some family temple names, so make sure you save some for me!

We did sealings this morning for some family names for an elder in my district and it was so good. I was just smiling the whole time. I love the temple and the gospel and families and sounding like a missionary!

I am freaked out to leave the MTC. I don’t speak Spanish. At all. And I am even more afraid of going to America where I will be able to use English. I just need it to not be an option so I won’t be tempted to speak English. I’ve been really bad at speaking Spanish here because it is so much easier to speak English and it takes me 4 or 5 times longer to say something in Spanish. But, it will be okay, right? Right?

We taught a couple of lessons of false doctrine this week. That was fun. Of course it was to our really difficult investigator, Samuel. We couldn’t remember what things were in the word of Wisdom, and then we got into a discussion about what the “destroying angel” and when I tried to get the lesson back on track (long story short), I just got shut down by Samuel. So then I stopped talking. It was actually kind of funny. Then in our next lesson, my companion got confused about what tithing funds were used for and what fast offering funds were used for so that was funny, too. Thankfully, in 4 days I’ll have a companion who will know Spanish and can stop me from saying anything incorrect. Hopefully.

I sometimes (frequently) think I really won’t learn this language. I mean, I’ve never heard of a missionary who came home without knowing the language so I figure chances are it will probably happen, but I still feel sometimes that it won’t. It’s a discouraging thought. So I try to not think about it and study the subjunctive instead. That makes me feel better.

I don’t have anything exciting to say. I love you!

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