The Devil Went Down to Georgia

October 20, 2011

Highlights of the week:

For service this week, the janitors gave us “”Virus-cide”” and gloves and told us to disinfect every surface in one of the bedrooms. When we asked why this was needed, they only said they needed to get rid of a gift left by the previous occupants. We made them tell us what that was, and they said it was lice. So, we were super excited to get to clean that. It brought back memories of disinfecting doorknobs when Dad didn’t have an immune system. My companions thought I was crazy because I was going to town spraying EVERYTHING. And I yelled every time I saw a piece of hair. We took LONG showers after that, and for the rest of the day, we were all afraid our heads were itchy.

One morning this week, I woke up a few minutes before the alarm and was still trying to wake up when I heard Hermana M waking up Hermana B. She said ”Hermana B, Hermana B, it’s time to get up.”” As I sat there and listened, I could not remember if that was my name or not. I knew that I wasn’t Jesslyn anymore, that I was supposed to be going by something that started with “Hermana”, and that I heard the name Hermana B a lot. It took me a good 2 minutes to think really hard and realize that that wasn’t my name. The mission is like one big identity crisis.

We had an MTC fire drill this week and everyone was evacuated to the MTC fields. The BYU police were there to direct traffic while thousands of missionaries crossed 9th East. I saw people from work and it made me all nostalgic and whatnot. I’m such a nerd for parking services.

Last Friday night, our district decided to go on a 3-day English fast. It lasted about 20 hours for our companionship until we broke and started back into English. Then, we spend the next 20 hours trying to hide it from the elders. Then, they broke too, so it wasn’t very successful. It reminded me of the time in Russia when one of the girls I lived with wanted to go on a sugar fast, so Tiffany and I would go running to the grocery store and eat candy, then run back. I mean, the exercise burned it off, right? So it’s like we never ate it. We just didn’t tell the girl that we were eating sugar. I’m a deceptive little bugger.

I told Thompsons that you are wonderful, attentive parents. They believe me. Just so you know.

In the seedy underbelly of the MTC, there is a black market for miniature sized Preach My Gospels. If anyone on the outside knows how to get a hold of one, hook a sister up.

Mom, it’s funny that you told Hna B that not everyone gets my sense of humor. It is true, especially with our two teachers. One always laughs at everything I say, and I think eavesdrops on our conversations. He and I just get each other’s humor. The other ones doesn’t. This week, I asked him what a word was and he said “buscalo” (”look it up”). As a joke, I said, “That word means so many things. Every time I ask someone what a word is, it’s buscalo!”” He just looked at me like I was kind of slow, and I think was about to say something until he was like, oh, and smiled. I think he thinks I am one sheep short of a flock. I just made up that saying. Start using it. It will catch on. (Way 734 you know you’ve been in the MTC too long: You make sheep jokes).

Hermana M was called into a district presidency’s office yesterday and told that her cousin was killed in a car accident. It was a rough day. So, keep her and her family in your prayers.

Also, I saw Sister Squire’s mom this week! It was really exciting. I was walking past her on Wednesday and she was directing new missionaries. I saw her name, and I thought she looked a little like Sis. Squires so I asked her if she had a daughter named D. She did. Because she is Sister Squires’ mom. It was great. I miss them. They are such a great family. I should write them a letter today. I wanted to talk more and see how they were doing, but it was right after we found out about Sister M’s cousin so I tried to keep it short.

Elder Scott came to devotional this week! It was great. I love him. I love the MTC. I am constantly inspired to be better, but in a hopeful way, like I can be better, not that I am bad person now. It’s just inspiring. I just want to stay here forever until I am perfect. Which will never happen. Ever. But, I am so not ready to leave. I love it here. I can’t face the mission field. I’m not ready. I still have so much to learn here! But also, I am excited to get out and HAVE to speak Spanish and be teaching real people.

I LOVE you all! Remember that you can me all the time. Like, everyday if you want. Or more. Use them like text messages and send me 50 a day. Please!

Kelly, what are the words to that “you are the b e s t best of all the r e s t rest” song?

Maren, sorry if I asked you, but what is the como-como thing you said in Guatemala all the time? When I want to call my companions, I say la maya, la maya, la maya.

Also, are you putting these on my blog? Just wondering. Thanks for the package this week. It was so exciting and wonderful. I loved it, I am not freezing anymore. Also, thanks for the bear picture. It made me laugh heartily. Please excuse my typing. This computer is bad and I don’t have time. You are the BEST of all the REST!

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