Oceanology… Oceanography!!!

Did you appreciate that, Maren?

I miss YouTube videos. Maybe I’m not a very good missionary for missing them, but I do.

Mom, can you check my bank account occasionally and just make sure everything is kosher? Like a beef frank? You know, I’m not really planning on using it too much, but it’s just nice to know someone is looking out for it.

Maren, Sarah W. is here and I love her. Also, she is sad that she never got to paint rocks with you. I am wondering why I was never asked to paint rocks. I can paint Flatirons with the best of them. And if we had made a party out of it, Sis. Waldron might have come.

In the TRC this week, some guy showed us pictures of the Provo Temple, Part II. It is going to be awesome. I’m so excited.

Thompsons are here. I ran into them the other day and now I see them quite frequently, actually. They make me laugh. They asked for your phone number so they could call you and tell you I was okay. Sorry to ruin the surprise by telling you that I am okay.

I was sick this week. Not really, but just a bad cough. That wouldn’t go away. On Sunday, everyone in my zone kept offering to give me a blessing because they thought I was dying. But I was just coughing. The on Monday, I took a short nap before gym and my companions woke me up 3 hours later and said they let me sleep through gym and they had done our service assignment without me so I could sleep. They are so nice.

Then during class, I had a coughing fit and Hno. Clark said, You should go to the Health Clinic. And I said, Do I have to? And he said, I think so. So, I went. They told me I should go to urgent care, and I said, no thanks. I gots me some Spanish to learn. Later I regretted this because if I had gone to urgent care (at the BYU health clinic) I could have left the MTC for a bit. But, they gave me some children’s cough medicine and let me go back to class.

Kelly, I have had the “I am Goliath” song stuck in my head all week. And it’s horrible because I can’t listen to it to get it out. I’ve also had the “Marriage for Eternity” song from the OT Seminary soundtrack stuck in my head, where they say “”pROsterity”instead of “pOsterity”. I’m shocked no one caught that one before they made all those cds and tapes. My companions LOVE that I sing it to them all the time. They LOVE it.

Maren, I’ve had Dimelo also stuck in my head. I finally asked my teacher what dimelo meant, and he was like, are you referring to the Enrique Iglesia’s song? And I was like, maybe. I don’t know. Then I felt unrighteous for having that in my head. But not all that unrighteous. I need a little bit of unrighteousness to balance out all the scripture reading, right? Okay, that was a joke. I’m trying to be righteous. I’m just not very good at it.

I’m freaked out to leave the MTC. I’m finally getting the hang of it. Then I’m going to get thrown into the world of Spanish and not know how to do anything. What will I do? What, what will I do? I think I should serve here for 18 months, and then serve a mission for 18 months. Then I might be ready. What did you guys (Raymey, Daniel, Maren, Dad) do in your first few weeks in the field? Was it horrible? Did you have a constant headache? Did you cry every day because you had no idea what people were saying to you? How did you handle it?

Julie B Beck came to our Tuesday devotional this week. I like her. She’s a rock star. I am praying for one more general Authority before we leave.

Maren, thanks for the package. I loved the “pandas’. They were great. And I particularly liked the graphic organizer you drew. It’s on our classroom wall now.

Also, I got my hair cut. 6 inches. It’s just above my shoulders now. So, I won’t have Disney princess hair in 18 months like I wanted, but it’s easier to maintain now and I like it. I still want pictures of your hair, Mom!

Sorry these letters are very random and with bad grammar. These keyboards aren’t the best. I love you all! Thanks for writing. The church is true (in case you hadn’t heard.)

Hna Poulson (but that’s Jesslyn to you)

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