The Golden Plates Lay Hidden…

Orders of business:

-Will you send me some jokes in Spanish?

–Some janitors on our floor told us they started an “Overheard at the MTC” Facebook page based on things they’d heard me say. I’m not entirely sure that’s true. You can play “Guess what Hna Poulson said?”

-Maren, please send me your mailing address. I sent you a letter to Katie’s because she was the closest person to you whose address I had.

-We’ve had Elders Ballard and Nelson come for devotionals so far. Also, all the missionaries in the MTC were given a copy of the October Ensign a couple of week ago which is all about the Book of Mormon. Elder Nelson came to talk about it with us and it was really good. Everyone should read it. It is wonderful.

-Conference is coming up. And I’m excited.

-Mom and Dad, if you ever wanted to send me like a crash course in the Old Testament, I wouldn’t mind. I am realizing now how little I know about it and the Abrahamic covenant and the tribes of Israel and all that. I don’t know anything.

-Hna F. went to the MTC in Guatemala on Tuesday so we absorbed Hna M. into our companionship. Like someone absorbing their own twin. Maybe we’ll need to have a bibopsy (name that movie). We miss Hna F, but also, Hna M is great, so we’re glad to have her.

Yeah, I think that’s mostly all this week. This week was hard. I swear they must be always cutting onions at the MTC because I cry like I never did before. I am pretty sure that both of my teachers think I am that missionary that they have to pay extra attention to and tell not to go home (which just kind of bothers me, to be honest. I am not considering going home. At all. So when I cry and they tell me not to go home, it makes me want to bite someone). And I think my whole district thinks I am on the brink (No more rhyming, and I MEAN it!). And since I care faaaaar too much about what people think of me, that’s hard too. I thought I was an emotional wreck before the mission. Ha. I wasn’t. I am bonafide mentally unstable now. Or it’s overactive tear ducts. I don’t know. I still think it’s onions.

I’ll be honest: I’ve cried a few times about Aunt S over the last few days. That was really hard news to hear. Really. How are the family feeling? How is she feeling? I just love you. All. So much. Take care of yourselves while I am gone, okay?

My Spanish is coming along better now. Kind of. Not to say I haven’t distressed over it. Always. Hna B. was sick this week so I taught a lot of our lessons semi-solo because she wasn’t feeling well. My teachers say they are impressed with how well my Spanish is coming, but in all honesty, I think they are lying because they think I’ll have a nervous breakdown if they don’t. And by “coming along better”, I mean I can put together a sentence without bursting blood vessels in my brain from thinking so hard. So, still a LONG way to go. Sooooo long.

I’ve learned this week to follow the Spirit. Not how to, but that you HAVE TO to be a successful missionary. We have one investigator, Samuel, who is kind of a thorn in my side. I don’t know what to do about him. I pray and pray and plan and study and TRY to figure out something to do to help him. In the lesson yesterday, I felt impressed to share something, but then I didn’t because I was afraid that I didn’t have the Spanish I needed to do it. In talking with my teacher later (who plays Samuel) I realized that Samuel needed to hear exactly what I hadn’t said. And because of that, he didn’t accept the Book of Mormon from us. He hasn’t agreed to any committments, won’t come to church, won’t pray, won’t take a BOM. If I try on my own to get to investigators hearts or to discover what they need, I’ll fail everytime. Only the Spirit can do that. When I can finally learn how to trust the Lord and follow promptings, I might start to maybe be a half decent missionary.

Also, please everyone feel free to send letters. They are fun. In the words of a letter I got this week “Letters are the currency of cool in the MTC.” Es verdad. If you want me to be cool, write me a letter. Or letters. I promise to write back.

I LOVE you. So much. All of you. Mom and Dad, you are wonderful. Did you know?

Con amor,

Hna Poulson

PS: Look at the title. Do you remember that time Maren asked you– Mom– where you got those gold plates (chargers) and you said, “Deep in a mountain side”? I told that to my distrito this week and they thought it was funny. At least the ones that have heard that song. Also, Hna M. sings “Go tell Aunt Rhodie” and it makes me think of you, Dad. Also, I printed pictures this week and I will mail them soon. They are gold. Also, I got the skirts and they are GREAT! Thanks!!

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