Thanks for the emails. I printed them out to read later so I haven’t read them yet. I usually check my email sometime after 10 a.m. on Thursdays, as soon as we get out of the temple. This week was good and hard. I’ll leave out the hard, though, and talk about the good. Elder Ballard came for our Tuesday devotional, so of course it was good. I’ve been singing in the MTC choir which is great. EXCEPT they told us that we won’t be going to Conference this year. Psh. So much for that.

Also, the MTC needs an editor. There are so many typos on powerpoint presentations and flyers, etc. Stuff made by the church is, of course, all very good, but things produced by the MTC have so many errors. I think I will suggest that they hire me when I get back.

Lissy got a full-time job here so I have seen her a few times. She’ll be here for at least 5 years and will be in charge of hiring some of the teachers, so I said she should give me a job. It’s been great to see her occasionally. I keep seeing more people I know. This is like a huge family reunion, where you see a few cousins you like, a few you don’t like, and then there’s lots of other people wandering around that you don’t know how the fit into the family.

My zone makes fun of me because the MTC has turned me into a total clutz. Things I have done in the last week:

1. Spilled chocolate milk all over while drinking it one day at dinner.

2. Tripping and landing on my face while walking across the gym. I there wasn’t even anything to trip over. My feet were just suddenly not there.

3. Spilling orange juice at another meal. It got all over an elder’s journal, but it had a plastic cover so it was okay, but I felt really bad. Now they all joke that no one can sit by Hna. Poulson at meals.

4. Getting hit squarely in the head while playing volleyball, once right on the back of my head, and once right in the face. To be fair, neither of these were my fault. Other missionaries just have really good aim.

5. Trying to slide down a banister and falling off near the end, landing on my hip. Of course, there was a gaggle of elders walking down right behind me that enjoyed the show.

So, that’s been my week. Also, anyone in Provo reading this, we desperately need more TRC volunteers for Wednesdays at 10am. So, come. Also, WRITE ME LETTERS. I seriously don’t get any which is disappointing when you address hundred of envelopes to give people. I love you all! Thanks for the letters from the cousins and Madeline, etc. They made me so happy.

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