Yo Tengo Dos Bicicletas

Friends, I am a mess of emotions these days. Well, actually, mostly just one emotion: anticipation. [Is that even an emotion? I don’t know.] As biking always calms my anxiety, I’ve been doing rather a lot of it lately. In fact, I rode fifty (that’s 5-0) miles last Saturday (so what if I brag a bit? It’s my blog, right?). I guess I had at least fifty miles of anxiety hiding somewhere within me. But, not only does biking help me not stress, it pretty much wipes my brain. I mean, I try my very hardest to worry or feel anxious, and I just can’t. It must be biologically impossible somehow. I’ve found that when I’m on a bike, my mind is wiped so clear, I start to think about the oddest things, like these:
-names that someone with the last name of Terry could name his child [Bliss (blistery), Pitui (pituitary) Hiss (history), Cenn (century), Myss (mystery), Camilla (‘Milla’ for short, as in military), Winn (wintery), Sema (cemetery).]
-I don’t remember high school. Or middle school. Or really any of my growing up years unless someone reminds me about something that happened. And even then it’s hit or miss.
-I wish I had a light saber because I think it would be really fun to cut things with it.

But, thankfully, in only a few short hours, I will be set apart as a missionary and will be in the MTC in less than 2 days, and finally this anticipation will be gone because I will finally be done waiting!

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One Response to Yo Tengo Dos Bicicletas

  1. danicanne says:

    Hahahaha light saber. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Anaheim. Miss you already!


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