Dressed for Success

I may or may not love sister missionary shopping.
For the first time ever, I am buying clothes that aren’t on clearance, ones that I think will last for more than 3 months, and ones that fit. It’s a new experience, seeing as I am incredibly cheap and usually buy clothes that are inexpensive rather than ones that are good quality or that fit well. Still, I think I only bought one or two things full price, so I am pretty proud of my shopping skills.

My call packet said to bring 6-8 outfits. But if these are the only things I will be wearing for 18 months, 6-8 just isn’t going to cut it for me.

I was so excited about all of the missionary stuff, I just couldn’t help but share.

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One Response to Dressed for Success

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    it’s never bad when you can shop and get a whole new wardrobe. you got some cute stuff sister (i figure i should call you that since it’s like t-minus 2 days or something). i love those coats and the silver shoes!


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