Happy Working Song

Alas, I am finally back in Colorado, counting the days until the MTC will let me in. Unfortunately, now I don’t have work and irate bad drivers to yell at me. What’s a girl to do to keep entertained?
I’ll tell you what: CLEAN. Ah, cleaning just may be my favorite pastime after napping and pretending to speak Russian. In the last 2 days, I have gone through every possession I own deciding whether to keep it, donate it, trash it, or if it really does belong to me (and isn’t some long ago stolen item, probably “borrowed” from my mother). 4 trashbags, 2 “to donate” bags, half a season of Arrested Development, and 48 hours later, I am almost finished.
What I’ve discovered: I have a disgusting addiction to books and blankets. After filling 2 bookcases, a closet shelf, and 3 Xerox boxes, I ran out of places to put more books. I can’t wait to get my Someday Library so I will finally have a place to put them all.

As for blankets, I was thankfully able to fit them all either in my closet or on my bed. So what if it’s August and I’m sleeping with 3 quilts? Those blankets have got to go somewhere.

I must say, however, that I don’t feel too guilty about being a packrat since I am an extraordinarily organized one.

Plus, someday I think I will be grateful for the box of teaching materials and classroom supplies, and the boxes of my favorite children’s books, and the antique dishes given to me by my grandmother. Sure, I don’t need them now, but how can I be expected to throw those things away?
I must say though, that this pile is my favorite.

My oldest sister used to throw “garage sales” for her younger siblings. After she’d clean her room, she’d lay out all of her trash and make us pay her for her old junk. Well, she and her 2 children are coming to visit next week and I’ve saved items that I know will be irresistible to my 4 year old niece. Revenge is sweet.

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One Response to Happy Working Song

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    hahahaha. your sister was super smart. thankfully my siblings aren’t, haha. i love to clean. seeing this makes me want to rid all of my clutter and just purge/organize. alas i think i have a few drawers to clean out but most of my extra crap belongs in the “i really will use this one day but right now i live with my parents” category. good thing they have a garage. 🙂


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