Missionaries and Pregnancies

Ha, I knew with a title like that, I could get just about anyone to read this.
After speaking to a good friend (Sav) who recently had a baby, I have come to a conclusion: preparing for a mission is much like a first pregnancy.
At first, you are thrilled. You get to go shopping for new clothes you would never buy otherwise. You think about this new adventure and what it will be like and how different your life will be, and how much you will learn, and how it will affect the rest of your life. The months cannot go fast enough.
Then fear sets in. How did you ever think you could do this? You don’t know what you’re doing. You’ll be terrible at it. Though you are still excited, that excitement is almost completely drowned by anxiety. What if you’re horrible? What if you get a ways into it and realize it was a terrible mistake?! Your life will never be the same.
Next comes the advice. Endless advice. From everyone. Even people who have never experienced what you are now experiencing. Everyone has something to say: what you should do to prepare; how to adjust to these big changes; where to shop and what to buy. You VOW that when this is all done, you will never give a word of advice to anyone else. What more, it is the only thing that anyone wants to talk to you about. No longer do you have conversations about books, the weather, religion, daily activities, news; your conversations all seem to be carbon copies of each other, people asking the same questions and you giving the same answers.
And then suddenly as the event draws nearer, you become completely apathetic to most things in your life. Work, school, friends, preparation; none of them seem to matter. All you care about is finally being done with the waiting and getting on with the doing. You think you might burst with excitement and anticipation if you have to wait any longer.
You know that in a few months, weeks, or days, it will all be over. The waiting done. You’ll be so busy with so many things, you might even miss this time. Someday, you’ll maybe look back and get nostalgic. But all you want now is to be finished with this infernal waiting.

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One Response to Missionaries and Pregnancies

  1. Sav says:

    Hahaha, too true, darlin’. Too true!


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