Forever Young

Usually when I write about work, I make fun of others’ stupidity. Today, I write about my own.
A man called in this morning to ask if Harry was in the office to meet with. The caller ID told me he was calling from within BYU at his own number, so he was most likely a full-time employee.
A few minutes later, the man came into the office. I greeted him, took his ticket, and looked it up, without really ever looking at him. The ticket was tagged to a woman.
“You’re not Rebecca, are you?” I joked.
“Ha ha, no, I am not.”
I looked at Rebecca’s demographics and saw she was a student, just older than me.
“Is she your daughter?”
“…No. She is my wife.”

I looked at him and realized that although he had graying hair and was a full-time employee, he didn’t look that old. Unfortunately, I had assumed he was old enough to have a college-aged child, when in fact, he was married to a college-aged child.


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