Dear friends, last weekend marked a day I have been waiting for for over a year and a half.
Chris Merritt came back to Provo.
Circle converted me to Chris Merritt my freshman year, and I’ve never looked back. He’s my favorite. He even pushed out Ben Folds and Billy Joel from the most played songs on my iPod. That’s a big deal. Big.
Fluffy and I even became friends because of Chris Merritt. I heard from Pete that his friend Fluffy (who I was vaguely familiar with) liked Chris Merritt. Next time I saw her, I went up and said, “My name is Jesslyn. I hear you like Chris Merritt.” She thought I was crazy, but we bonded. It was fate, I tell you. Fate.
Aaaaand, through Fluffy, I met her cousin, Hillary, who is, next to me, the biggest Chris Merritt fan I’ve met. Sometime this summer, we are going to write him gushing fan mail. It’s going to be great.
What more, Hillary’s brother decided that he wanted to be a dad because of the song “Quinn”. Now Hillary is an aunt.
Chris Merritt is changing lives. Changing LIVES!
This is me, CM, and Hillary at the concert: (I’m reallllly not photogenic on a camera phone. Forgive me).

Hillary texted this picture to me with the caption “This is ideally how it would be if we had to be polygamists.”
I couldn’t agree more.

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2 Responses to Merritt-ocracy

  1. Sav says:

    WHAT?!?!?!?!? Chris was here and I missed him!!!?
    *retreats to corner and sobs*
    *looks up, wipes nose on sleeve, and sniffles*
    I wanted to tell him that he singlehandedly got me through the craziest, pregnantest semester of my college career.


  2. Lisa says:

    Your love for him makes me want to love him even more than I do! I pledge to spend at least 4 hrs each week listening to him.


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