Don’t Cry for Me, Guatemala

Almost the last Guatemala post (there are still a few more pictures I want to put up, but I don’t have them right now). My favorite parts of the trip:
-Meeting people Dumples taught while she was there. My sister is kind of a spectacular person.
-Being kissed on the cheek by old men.
-Eating. Always my favorite.
-Hiking a volcano.

-Really friendly and kind people.
-Learning Spanish phrases.
-Going shopping and feeling like I am using Monopoly money because I don’t really know the exchange rate.
-Trees. Everywhere.
-Gorgeous buildings and ruin in Antigua.

-Pupusas, empanada, licuados, & fresh banana bread.
-Semuc Champey, some fresh water pools in the middle of the jungle. One of the most beautiful places on earth, I am sure.
-Catching fish with Dumples. She caught a lot. I never got any.
-Swimming through caves one-handed while trying desperately to keep a candle lit with the other.
-Not drowning, even though I repeatedly failed swimming lessons.
-Boating through a mangrove. Absolutely gorgeous.

-Seeing Tikal, the most famous Mayan ruins site. I’ve wanted to go there since 6th grade. On top of a few of the temples, you couldn’t see anything but miles and miles and miles of treetops, and with a couple of temple tops poking out through the tree. If I were Mayan, I would climb to the top of the temple, and never come down. Ever.
-Seeing monkeys. In the jungle. Not in the zoo.
-Counting political parties (I got at least 13).

-Laying in hammocks outside our hostel in the evening.
-Trying to catch lizards off the ceiling.
-Ziplining upside-down (and running into a tree).
-Visiting Flores, an island city in the middle of a lake.

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One Response to Don’t Cry for Me, Guatemala

  1. I love your blog… You always come up with the best titles! The trip was amazing, and I eenjoyed the adventure with you all! Love you!
    –Mama San


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